Product of the week: Baby Snug 25/10

This weeks product of the week is:

Mamas and Papas Baby SnugWe were very excited to have found this baby seat because as baby Taliyah hit the 3 months milestone she was getting the urge to sit up more.

I researched a lot of baby seats and the age for almost all of them was 4months +. This was frustrating as we had a quick mover on our hand and she was getting very frustrated not being able to sit up more upright with assistance. I found a lot of ‘Bumbo’ seats but they were all suitable from 4months. Although they seemed very popular online just from the images I could tell they would not be suitable for baby t.

Then one magical evening I stumbled across this ‘baby snug’ by Mamas and Papas. What caught my eye about this seat was firstly the colour options were amazing. We opted for ‘putt’ which was a beigey type grey brown which fitted well with our nursery.Another feature of the chair that I loved was that when I read the product spec it has a removable soft insert. This was perfect, it would grow with Taliyah and was soft enough for her growing body.I ordered the baby snug and received it 2/3 days later which was perfect delivery time and it was packaged amazing and easy to assemble.

Product breakdown:

– suitable from 3months which is exactly what we needed.

– removable soft insert so it is super comfortable for baby’s delicate body, and it ensures that your baby can use up to 12 months as it is removable.

– removable tray table so this seat can be used as a feeding chair also which is great. The tray is also the perfect size to put toys on for bubba to play with.

– sufficient leg room for little chunky legs and the ergonomic shape of the chair helps with baby seating position for their oh so delicate spines.

– comes in over 4 colour ways all mixed with white so it’s suitable for an array of nursery decor.

– the material of the baby snug is sturdy but does not weigh a lot so it’s lightweight to travel with easily, also very easy to wipe clean.

Taliyah loves her baby snug and turns 4 months old today and has already got a months use of this amazing supportive seat. A baby seat is a must have for every growing baby, just always make sure to do your research and get one that meets the needs of your beautiful little one. For more details about this amazing product head over to our product page.

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– Mrs B

Oct 19

So I’ve just finished my night feed and now I can’t get back to sleep.

Although my eyes are activly stinging me I can’t help but turn to my beautiful daughter sleeping. 

Yes, currently co-sleeping as she outgrew her Moses basket before 2 months (baring in mind she’s still petite) and her cot clearly feels too big for her.

Baring in mind a huge bed next to mummy and daddy is what she prefers. I think it’s more of a comfort thing where she can just reach for one of us during the night.

I must say co-sleeping is helpful for breastfeeding, because I can literally just turn to her and nurse so comfortably. 

Yes she’s 4 months in less than a week and I’m still exclusively breastfeeding. I must say it has to be the best experience of my life. It’s so self satisfing and reassuring knowing that everytime she grows it because of what I’m giving her. I mean it has me startled at times alone knowing that I birthed her let alone knowing I’m helping her grow. She’s almost at double her birth weight which will be the biggest milestone for us. By the way not bashing anyone who formula feeds, everyone has their preference and reasons. I personally find that with breastfeeding there is a different bond it’s like we are chemically connected. We are now getting to the point where her rooting reflex has stopped and she is now tapping my chest/pulling my top/tugging my bra strap when she’s hungry. A lot of the time I’m convinced she nurses for comfort, and let’s be real who wouldn’t want to lay against their mothers chest and listen to the familiar heart beat they heard for over 9 months.

I must say we had some difficulties at first with latching but soon found out it was a positioning issue. Football hold is easily the best positon for a newborn, with the help of pillows or a nursing pillow you’ll get bub to latch on real smoothly and be pain free. As they get older and bigger it’s easier to try the cradle position or cross cradle. When they are able to hold their head a bit better you can also tried the laid back position which is amazing when I want to free my arms a bit.

Awwwwh she smiled in her sleep as always (I like to think she’s talking to the Angels that are protecting her whilst she sleeps when she smiles).

Recently I’ve noticed there has been a bit of talk about public breastfeeding and I must say it infuriates me a lot when people say mothers should cover up when nursing. I mean if it makes you feel uncomfortable stop staring because clearly you are staring too hard. I swear I actually admire women who breastfeed in public without covering up (I do it around friends and family both male and female but yet to master the art of it outside). I myself I cover up a bit with a swaddle muslin square, but I must say it is harder and frustrating when I once tried to cover up fully. My daughter was getting so hot and flustered which in turn made me hot and flustered so never again. Now because she is older I literally just cover enough so my boob ain’t showing. Hopefully one day it will be the norm for little ones to nurse in public freely. 

Sidenote: I don’t know whether my daughter is just a little Madame but the minute she feels someone watching her eat she comes off her latch (even her dad lol). He’s so sweet he apologies for looking and she smiles and goes back.

Yikes just realised its 5am now and that’s pumping time (yes I pump too now I’m hitting the 4.5oz mark in one 15 min pump session). I tried to pump at least once a a day whilst T is asleep to keep my flow of milk regulating. Plus having breastmilk on standby when you’re exclusively breastfeeding is always handy for when you are going to be away from baby.

Hopefully once I finish pumping I can fall back asleep for an hour or two before I wake up to this beautiful face.

Hope you enjoyed my night crawler adventure

– Mrs B

Product of the week: Oral care 12/10

So this weeks product of the week is actually three different product reviews rolled in one.

Now I don’t know about you all but oral care is really important for babies; as this sets them up for the future when their teeth do come in. Also I am very ocd about keeping baby T’s tongue clean. I mean they forget to tell us in all those antenatal classes that if baby’s tongue gets thick and caked with milk it could lead to thrush. So I’ve been trying to stay ontop of keeping T’s tongue clean.

Baby’s are still very young for using toothbrushes so I stumbled across a few products to try.

MAM oral care rabbit 

This product jumped out at me because of the colour and the animation factor. It does come in a blue colour for boys, I loved the the bunny aspect as my daughter is obsessed with bunnys.

At first glance the oral care rabbit is easily slotted onto the index and third finger and the character animation distracts the little one.

The texture it is made from is soft against baby’s tongue and gum but also cleans well.

Cannot be used with paste as it would be difficult to clean off.

I found it difficult to clean and it took ages to dry due to the fabric. So it’s not something I could used more than once every other day.
Of the 3 products this was my least favourite.

Brush baby Dentalwipes

I loved the idea of this product because it was specifically created for babies oral care.
It is a single use product so it’s a product that you constantly have to buy.
Each wipe is individually wrapped so it’s easy to just pop in your baby bag on the go.
The wipe slips on finger easily and there is no risk of slipping off etc.
As it quite thin and slimlined easy to fit into baby’s mouth and it also has a banana flavour so it’s not to icky for bubs.

Mothercare Finger toothbrush 

This I would say out of the 3 products this was the best. 

It is finger brush that can be resued over and over again.

It contains a two textured side so you can chose which side to use for baby. 

It cleans really well and is not harsh on baby’s gum or tongue.
It slips on the finger easily and is secure fitting due to the material.

It’s is very easy to clean and comes with a nice little case so it’s easy to just pop in your baby bag on the go.

Cannot be used with toothpaste so it’s a start up finger brush for babies gums and tongue.

Hope my review on these oral care products helped you if you were considering baby brushes 

– Mrs B

Product of the week: Comfortchew 05/10

This weeks product of the week is based on Baby T’s new found love for sucking her fingers, my fingers and anything she sees fit to suck.

Now I know sucking fingers is natural for babies. But as they are still very little and just working out how to function their hands I find that T sucks for a bit and either pokes her gums or makes herself gag.

Which is so uncomfortable for me to watch even though she enjoys exploring with her fingers in her mouth.

I searched far and wide for a few things to help aid this new sucking Sally behaviour. I needed something visually stimulating, easy to clean, practical to carry around with us and actually does the job.

So I stumbled across a brand called ‘Cheeky chompers’ made in the UK and they sell a range of products. Neckerchew, Comfortchew, Cheeky blankets and the Teething Hippo.

They products focus on keeping the babies/toddlers sucking at bay with something they can suck on as well as it being practical and stimulating for him/her.

I decided to get T the ‘Chew pack’ which consisted of a ‘neckerchew’ and a ‘comfortchew’.
I chose the Anna Floral ‘Joules’ design as it was classic but girly enough for T.

Product breakdown:

– different to your usual conventional comforter with a teddybear (or some other stuffed animal) at the end it had a teething aid which is soft enough for babies/toddlers itching gums. The grooves and bumps also has a nice texture for bubs mouth
– it has stimulating ribbon tags which T enjoys pulling and sucking on also

– my personal favourite feature is the elasticated link for attaching to the baby’s wrist, cot, car seat, buggy or dummy

– the texture of the comfortchew is super soft for bubs face and hands and still has that dripping catching element

We are trying to implement it slowly into our daily routine. T is slowly getting used to using it (hoping to ditch her love for plain muslin squares), it keeps her busy during car journeys and she loves exploring with the different ribbons.

If you want to check it out for yourself:

– Mrs B

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Oct 7

His & Hers

Well rather mine and his. Trying to get my post baby body back is proving to be a huge challenge that I am willing to take.


3months on and I am still not at my desired weight or size which at times is depressing; however I’ve decided to take each week as it comes and not push myself too hard.
I initially wanted to jump back straight into gym but with exclusively breastfeeding it is difficult to fit in as many gym sessions as I want to attend.

I decided to start with my diet, as I am breastfeeding any fad diets would affect my supply that will be passed on to bubs. So i thought the easiest way would be to completely cut out the junk and not to eat carbs. The not eating carbs is proving a real heart quincher as everything yummy is a carb.

For breakfast I eat a high in fibre and energy granola topped with chai seeds with fat free natural yogurt with a cup of Neuners (breastfeeding tea).

For lunch I would have a glass of Oat milk (trying to stay away from cows milk) along side lots of fruit. If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll blend it into a smoothie.

For dinner (I try to eat before 7pm so it digests well) I would have a large salad or steamed vegetables alongside a heavy piece of protein. The protein varies between fish, chicken and lean meat.

When it comes to the salad I don’t use bottled dressing I have gaucomole (really easy to make and packed with flavour) or hummous.

I’ve decided to weigh myself every Friday to see if there are any noticeable changes with this no carbs diet and I am seeing results.

Week 1: 190.1 lbs 

Week 2: 186.2 lbs

Week 3: 185.6 lbs (current weight)

My current size is a lot more curvy and I am embracing those motherly curves just working on getting toned and tighter. I mean after all I did just carry a whole human being for 10 months. 

This week I decided that I will pump enough to get back in the gym at least 3 times a week, focussing on cardio. In 3 weeks time I will definitely post an update blog with pictures.

Just a reminder to all new moms, don’t look at your post partum body as shameful, embrace your new bodily additions. I myself see them as a constant reminder that my body is a wonderful creator of life.

– Mrs B


Our favourite pastime is art and everything about it. So it was to my delight when I found out there was a gallery not far from our house.

We visited Newport street gallery today where there was a Jeff Koons exhibition currently on show.

This was our first proper family day out and we were all looking forward to it, aside the real British autumn weather being among us. Meaning rain and more rain.

Before Baby T was even in the works me and hubby enjoyed going to galleries and museums; so we thought it would definitely be somefing we would share with T.

This exhibition was very appealing for a growing baby as it was colourful, bright and bold. 

Baby t enjoyed it and it was really visually stimulating for her. The gallery has wide entrances and a large lift so it was easy to get up and down between floors. 

Only problem is they had a small restaurant ‘Pharmacy 2’. Some would say how is this a negative well being a breastfeeding mother it’s not long before bubs needs a feed. And when bubba needs a feed momma needs a nice spot to feed her. One this occasion this wasn’t possible in the restaurant (baring in mind we planned on eating there as well) however the restaurant was conveniently fully booked. As a breastfeeding momma you become very resourceful when bubs needs a feed. Me and hubby found a little quiet spot behind the stairs and with the help of our swaddle me muslin square covered up and nursed.

All in all it was a great experience and I would highly recommend galleries to mothers with tiny tots. As its quiet enough to not startle bubs, but visually stimulating to keep them from getting bored. 

– Mrs B

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