Oct 7

His & Hers

Well rather mine and his. Trying to get my post baby body back is proving to be a huge challenge that I am willing to take.


3months on and I am still not at my desired weight or size which at times is depressing; however I’ve decided to take each week as it comes and not push myself too hard.
I initially wanted to jump back straight into gym but with exclusively breastfeeding it is difficult to fit in as many gym sessions as I want to attend.

I decided to start with my diet, as I am breastfeeding any fad diets would affect my supply that will be passed on to bubs. So i thought the easiest way would be to completely cut out the junk and not to eat carbs. The not eating carbs is proving a real heart quincher as everything yummy is a carb.

For breakfast I eat a high in fibre and energy granola topped with chai seeds with fat free natural yogurt with a cup of Neuners (breastfeeding tea).

For lunch I would have a glass of Oat milk (trying to stay away from cows milk) along side lots of fruit. If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll blend it into a smoothie.

For dinner (I try to eat before 7pm so it digests well) I would have a large salad or steamed vegetables alongside a heavy piece of protein. The protein varies between fish, chicken and lean meat.

When it comes to the salad I don’t use bottled dressing I have gaucomole (really easy to make and packed with flavour) or hummous.

I’ve decided to weigh myself every Friday to see if there are any noticeable changes with this no carbs diet and I am seeing results.

Week 1: 190.1 lbs 

Week 2: 186.2 lbs

Week 3: 185.6 lbs (current weight)

My current size is a lot more curvy and I am embracing those motherly curves just working on getting toned and tighter. I mean after all I did just carry a whole human being for 10 months. 

This week I decided that I will pump enough to get back in the gym at least 3 times a week, focussing on cardio. In 3 weeks time I will definitely post an update blog with pictures.

Just a reminder to all new moms, don’t look at your post partum body as shameful, embrace your new bodily additions. I myself see them as a constant reminder that my body is a wonderful creator of life.

– Mrs B

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