Oct 19

So I’ve just finished my night feed and now I can’t get back to sleep.

Although my eyes are activly stinging me I can’t help but turn to my beautiful daughter sleeping. 

Yes, currently co-sleeping as she outgrew her Moses basket before 2 months (baring in mind she’s still petite) and her cot clearly feels too big for her.

Baring in mind a huge bed next to mummy and daddy is what she prefers. I think it’s more of a comfort thing where she can just reach for one of us during the night.

I must say co-sleeping is helpful for breastfeeding, because I can literally just turn to her and nurse so comfortably. 

Yes she’s 4 months in less than a week and I’m still exclusively breastfeeding. I must say it has to be the best experience of my life. It’s so self satisfing and reassuring knowing that everytime she grows it because of what I’m giving her. I mean it has me startled at times alone knowing that I birthed her let alone knowing I’m helping her grow. She’s almost at double her birth weight which will be the biggest milestone for us. By the way not bashing anyone who formula feeds, everyone has their preference and reasons. I personally find that with breastfeeding there is a different bond it’s like we are chemically connected. We are now getting to the point where her rooting reflex has stopped and she is now tapping my chest/pulling my top/tugging my bra strap when she’s hungry. A lot of the time I’m convinced she nurses for comfort, and let’s be real who wouldn’t want to lay against their mothers chest and listen to the familiar heart beat they heard for over 9 months.

I must say we had some difficulties at first with latching but soon found out it was a positioning issue. Football hold is easily the best positon for a newborn, with the help of pillows or a nursing pillow you’ll get bub to latch on real smoothly and be pain free. As they get older and bigger it’s easier to try the cradle position or cross cradle. When they are able to hold their head a bit better you can also tried the laid back position which is amazing when I want to free my arms a bit.

Awwwwh she smiled in her sleep as always (I like to think she’s talking to the Angels that are protecting her whilst she sleeps when she smiles).

Recently I’ve noticed there has been a bit of talk about public breastfeeding and I must say it infuriates me a lot when people say mothers should cover up when nursing. I mean if it makes you feel uncomfortable stop staring because clearly you are staring too hard. I swear I actually admire women who breastfeed in public without covering up (I do it around friends and family both male and female but yet to master the art of it outside). I myself I cover up a bit with a swaddle muslin square, but I must say it is harder and frustrating when I once tried to cover up fully. My daughter was getting so hot and flustered which in turn made me hot and flustered so never again. Now because she is older I literally just cover enough so my boob ain’t showing. Hopefully one day it will be the norm for little ones to nurse in public freely. 

Sidenote: I don’t know whether my daughter is just a little Madame but the minute she feels someone watching her eat she comes off her latch (even her dad lol). He’s so sweet he apologies for looking and she smiles and goes back.

Yikes just realised its 5am now and that’s pumping time (yes I pump too now I’m hitting the 4.5oz mark in one 15 min pump session). I tried to pump at least once a a day whilst T is asleep to keep my flow of milk regulating. Plus having breastmilk on standby when you’re exclusively breastfeeding is always handy for when you are going to be away from baby.

Hopefully once I finish pumping I can fall back asleep for an hour or two before I wake up to this beautiful face.

Hope you enjoyed my night crawler adventure

– Mrs B

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