Nov 26

So we have had a busy weekend last weekend which we spent at the first Baby to Toddler show in Excel London. During my pregnancy we attended the Mother & Baby show which was amazing for so many items I needed in preparation for baby T.

I managed to secure free complimentary tickets to the shopping event which was even better. We attended both days getting there very late on the first day and in great time the second. Tickets usually cost between £6-8 and you receive at least one freebie by the sponsor. On this occasion it was a free MAM self sterilising bottle which I love.

Taliyah was super excited to be going out and dressed up styled in her brown moccasins from Totsi & Bo.
We were super excited about having a fun filled family day out and nothing beats shopping for our princess, and we sure did pick up some good buys for her.

Baby T is currently teething (not experiencing too much pain but just the need to sooth her gums) she puts everything in her mouth and enjoys a good chomp. We stumbled across this stall that was selling teething jewellery called Nibbling. They provide stylish silicone teething necklaces, bracelets, dummy clips and teethers. This was perfect for T as she loves to chew every part around the actual teether, so having a dummy clip that she could chew was perfect. There are so many design and style options so we were spoilt for choice. She loves her new teether and it’s her new favourite chewie.

We then stocked up on a few Christmas stocking fillers for her in the form of some age 4+ and 6+ months items from MAM.

What was even better was MAM was doing 3 for £10. We picked up a starter cup with handles as she loves grabbing things. Once we start weaning her and giving her small sips of water she can enjoy this. A pack of soothers (she’s not a dummy user but for car journeys when they get unbearable they soothe and comfort her). Lastly for our trio we got her a phase 2 bite and relax. We have the phase 1 bite and relax which is for her front teeth, so why not pick up the second phase for her back teeth.

Here are a few other items we picked up from the show:

Booties from a cute boutique called Mamou. If you’ve not figured out now both Taliyahs parents love shoes especially unique styles so these were perfect, fur lined and soft breatheable leather. Mamou products are individually crafted by hand, using soft and durable natural materials. Not to mention the cute packaging and they were at a discounted price under £20 so definitely a bargain.

We also picked up this product from Cuddlemates, it is a pillow friend for babies that start to roll and toddlers/kids.

As Taliyah is now an expert roller and is co-sleeping she loves the big space and rolling from momma to daddy during the night. She is also starting to sleep on her side more often by herself so this pillow was perfect. It mimics the comfort of your parent being there with the length and is soft and squishy for lots of cuddles. 

“Cuddle Mates encourage kids to sleep independently. Their size and shape allows little kids to snuggle into them for a better night’s sleep”

T loves cuddling her Tilly the tiger and we also use it to safeguard her from rolling too close to the edge as well as another aid for tummy time.

Now my personal favourite buy from the Baby to Toddler show was Ts weaning blender. I have researching the best blender to get for her once she starts her journey into solids and stumbled across a brand called Beaba. It is originally a French brand but have distributors across Europe and USA. They have amazing 4 in 1 blenders which not only blends, but steams, reheats and defrosts. We ordered it from the Peppermint stand (who were the main sponsors of the event) and we even managed to grab a 20% off the RRP. The baby cooks come in 5 different colour ways which is great to match any colour theme you have. Once it arrives I can give more details about how it works etc but from the reviews I have read online I cannot fault it and I am super excited.

The Baby to Toddler show was an amazing shopping experience, the facilities were amazing. They had the MAM feeding area were they provided rocking chairs and private nursing areas for breastfeeding mommas then in the open space they had high chairs for the little ones. As well as providing food for the baby’s which was sponsored by Babease. Who provide a range of organic baby food full vegetables, seeds, grain and pulse. There was also the baby changing area who provided nappies and wipes alongside the stokke changing tables and tommie tippee sanogenic bins. It was nice to see not only mothers but fathers getting stuck in.

We got to take cute family pictures which were provided by Bumpkins and we got to keep them. We also got to secure a heavily discounted photography session which we are excited about.

Our day ended with us all shopped out and nothing beats a warm hot chocolate (for dad) and my all time fav Chai latte to end the day

I would definitely recommend these events to expectant mothers as well as new mothers as they have so many products and all are at great prices.

– Mrs B

Nov 12

Mommy and Mini

What’s even more great about having a daughter for me is that I get to dress her up in mini outfits. I’m all for matching but a lot of girls clothing is pink, pink and more pink. I do love me some pink but what I love even more is neutrals and that’s perfect for this A/W season. 

This cute little number is a mixed purchase from two of my favourite stores for babies clothes. The dress, gilet and tights comes as a set and is from Next. I loved it instantly as the colours were so far from pink and so close to neutrals with the burnt orange floral print. The gilet is my favourite part of the outfit as it’s faux fur and I love faux fur plus it’s always a nice winter warmer. To compliment the outfit I found these beautiful rose gold Minnie Mouse bow moccasins from HM. Now this store is actually my favourite when it comes to my little girls wardrobe, their pricing is amazing and they always have nice sets. I chose rose gold as it adds a bit of glam to the whole outfit.

Now I’m laying in bed supposed to be taking a nap before I go out. Hubby has baby t in the living room having some daddy and daughter time as he’s been busy working all week. I started to think about the cute little outfits I used to wear post mom. At first I found it difficult dressing as a breastfeeding mom as I needed to ensure Taliyah had quick access to her liquid gold. I invested in ugly nursing tops (let’s be honest the layering does nothing for ones womanly curves and looks like a tent). I mean I was accustom to wearing two pieces, fitted midi dresses, cute crop tops, high neck tops. Basically everything that wouldn’t be practical as a mom; well that’s a lie.

Also I hate going into stores and looking for clothes, being a mom on maternity leave online shopping is your new work colleague. What I love about online shopping is the next day options, I love an item today it arrives tomorrow. Now BC baby t I shopped online on Missguided, Prettylittlethings and Asos (I ain’t started trusting these instagram online boutiques just yet). 

So I was a little bit worried that my usual size 6/8 outfits wouldn’t look so good on my now size 10 body (just for info I was very small chested before bubs and with these milk jugs nothing size 6 goes over my boobs, also my hips were always wide but they are even wider now – not that hubby is complaining). Obviously it’s not practical to wear high neck tops at the moment as it’s very restrictive for Taliyah when she wants to just free the liquid gold. I find myself wearing v neck and low cut tops which I would never dare wear before as I had small boobs but now the girls are just there.

So this outfit matches my daughters nicely but subtly. The burnt rose long sleeve ribbed midi dress from Missguided is gorgeous. I love the neckline and the fact that it has buttons all the way down to the bottom so I can just easily unbutton the top and nurse easily. The net black choker is from ASOS and was dirt cheap, I cannot really wear necklaces anymore as T pulls on them; but chokers are perfect as they are high on the neck and are a cute dainty accessory.

The shoes are very sportslux as they can be worn with jeans/jeans or with a dress/skirtNow these are perfect for every mom on the go, they are comfy, warm (London weather appropriate) and give some height as they are a creepy flatform. Now these minimalist beauties were purchased from Asia and even better they were in the sale. I used to love wearing heeled ankle boots, but I recently injured my ankle and have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists so I need all the balance I can get when holding my precious jewel.

Little disclaimer I ain’t a fashion blogger or trying to be but I do love shopping and putting cute outfits together for me and my little one. So I’ll probably post a few more blogs regarding our mommy and me outfit matches.

-Mrs B

Nov 11

As a first time mom I find I am learning on the role, yes I see motherhood as a role just probably the most important role I’ll play in life.

This morning taliyah wanted to do a little dress up and be mummy in a headscarf, her level of sassiness has skyrocketed since she pierced her ears im sure.

This week I wanted to review a product but I’ve got to give it a few more days of use before I can give my honest opinion about it. So instead I thought would be good to post a mini haul of my day to day products for baby T.

My first and all time must have product is WaterWipes

Now I can’t take credit for finding these because it was my fiance he found it when I was pregnant. He is all about organic and really healthy living lifestyle so I’m not surprised he found it. At first I was sceptical about this product because the price compare to the normal wipes is pretty high. So I decided that I would go in store and physically compare products, so I compared the water wipes to a standard newborn sensitive wipe. I was so shocked to find the amount of chemicals that were in the newborn supersensitive well known wipes (won’t name and shame). Waterwipes are literally the best wipes ever 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. The product speaks for itself, its kind on the most sensitive baby skin and they never come out dry. We have been using these since birth and I highly recommend them to all expectant mothers and any mothers who’s baby has sensitive skin. Defo ditch all the chemical stuff for these natural wipes.

Our next daily go to item is Multivitamin cod liver oil

What I love about this most is that it’s orange flavoured so it’s not bitter on bubbas taste buds. It can be used from 1 month onwards and is packed with nutrients for the growth and development of our precious babies. My health visitor recommended vitamin d drops but I find that this has more nutritional value. It has no artificial colours or flavouring and contains vitamin A (skin), C (immune defense), D (bones and teeth), Pantothenic acid (mental performance), E and B6. I must say it is a daily struggle because she doesn’t like medicines so we have a little battle, but it’s definitely worth it.

Now this everyday must have is Gripe water

It’s definitely one of my favourites and not my own find but my mothers. She said she used it for all her kids and it worked like a treat. It’s used for gripping pain babies may have after eating their milk or if they feel gassy. It’s commonly used from 1 month and it’s literally the texture of water. What I do is if I have expressed milk I pour the required amount into the bottle mix it up and give it to her. I also find it helps when she has hiccups a lot and eases her trap wind. A lot of places suggest infacol which we did try but I found it too thick and was too sweet for my liking.

My last everyday item is Taliyahs’ tummy time roller.
I purchased this from Mothercare and it has literally been a life saver for tummy time. T hated laying on her stomach when she was about a month oldunless it was on me or her daddy, but I was adamant to get her to lay on her tummy for a few minutes a day as it helps with neck muscle development.

So I searched and found this amazing tummy time roll, t instantly fell in love with it. It has a big mirror on one side with a retractable vibrating ball (pauz) on the other side it has ribbons, a teething ring and other dangly bits. It’s sensory heaven for babies as it makes the crunchy sound on one end then once she rolls on it makes a jingly sound.

Now she’s so much more happier laying on her stomach independently and has amazing control of her neck now

Hope you enjoyed my day to day products post

– Mrs B

Nov 2nd

Last Saturday myself and Taliyah went to our first mother and baby event organised by @mummys_day_out.

Photography credit: MellzPhotographyLTD 
The event was in the style of a proper English afternoon tea (hence baby ts plaid skirt and cardi). The event took place in the Holiday Inn hotel in Stratford. It was easily accessible via car or TfL. Once we reached the venue we were directed by the polite and helpful staff to the conference room.

Upon arrival we were great by the host of the event (a lovely young lady called Rachel) directed to the buggy park and registered. On the day there was an incentive for the first 10 mothers to arrive early. We got to pick a choice of item from the company Cutenesity.  They provide handmade kids hair bows and bow ties. 

Baby t decided that we would go for the Christmas style one as the festive period is approaching. We love the quality of the hair bow and the bright colours are beautiful, neatly packaged in a white bag which can be used for accessory storage. 

The event began with us being welcomed by the host after about a 30 minute mixer with the other mothers (just saying hi to each other and showing off our beautiful children). We received a talk from a first time mom-entrepreneur who created the company Boo.bsmoothie. The brand is very pro breastfeeding and as a result based on personal experience she created powdered smoothies to help with breastfeeding supply. We were lucky to receive a nice sample in our gift bags.

The smoothies come in 3 flavour options; real chocolate, peanut butter & banana and real strawberry. I have ordered myself a box of real strawberry and cannot wait to mix with my oat milk blend and enjoy. I have read a lot of amazing testimonies about these smoothies. And I’m excited as I am always looking for natural organic options to help milk supply.

As it was a real British afternoon tea we were served with lovely scones, cakes and sandwiches (I definitely made this my non carb cheat day).

We received a few more talks and one of them I was super excited about as I daily use their products for my daughters hair. Afrocenchix a U.K. hand crafted natural Afro hair products. Little did I know the whole time at the tea party I was sat right next to one of the creators. We both have daughters of the same age, and she was complimenting baby ts hair and I casually mentioned using afrocenchix turns out she created it. 

We were fortunate enough to receive a travel sized moisturiser oil in our gift bag. I cannot not talk about how amazing all their products are and how beautiful they smell. We have been using the shampoo on baby ts hair since her first shampoo and I would highly recommend their products to new mothers with children with Afro hair.

The last talk of the event was by a super successful multi-award winning entrepreneur Mavis Amankwah who gave us a brief talk with words of encouragement and positivity. I was lucky enough to be on of the seven moms to receive her book 44 ways to grow your business or brand.

I will definitely be reading and getting all the tips and advice from this book to aid with my business ventures. 

The event was overall amazing, lovely environment and it was great to meet so many other mothers who I could identify with. The event was very mom and baby friendly, they had a masseuse giving massages as well as a photographer taking beautiful portrait photos of all the mothers and their little ones. It definitely was an event not to be missed and look forward to their next. There definitely needs to be more mother and baby meet ups in London as it is a great experience.

– Mrs B