Weaning Prep

So we are 6 months now which means we are slowly going to wean onto solids. We will still be breastfeeding as tali still needs her milk intake. So as she turned 6 months on Christmas Day we wanted to mark the great occasion with her first solid me. 

I made sure I prepared well in advance to ensure that we had all the necessary tools for this amazing adventure. The first item I made sure we had was a high chair because who wants to eat in an uncomfortable chair.

I purchased her the ‘Travel booster seat sage chevron’ from Mamas & Papas.What I love about this chair is that it’s foldable, lightweight and compact. But still does the high chair job, it’s lined with cushion for full comfort and comes with a nice carry on bag.

My sister also bought her a full standing high chair for our moms house (when I go back to work she will be staying over there during the day so it’s very practical).

This high chair is the ‘Billie Faiers MBHC8ZZ Chevron Premium Highchair’ from My Babiie.

  • What’s great about this high chair is that firstly it features 3 recline positions and 6 different height settings.
  • The highchair’s has an extra padded seat means Taliyah is  super comfy for feeding time and the easy removable clean tray makes clearing up easier.


A must have for weaning prep is a food processor (if you plan on making your baby’s healthy meals from scratch. A lot of first time moms want to give their babies that good healthy start so a blender is essential.I researched a lot when it came to a food processor and didn’t only want a blender I wanted something that would steam the food as well. I read a lot of reviews then decided to get Tali this 4 in 1 food processor. This is the ‘Babycook’ by a French brand called Beaba.

When I stumbled across this beauty I was excited as is steams, blends, reheats and defrosts. So it’s perfectly practical in every way; it also has a one hand use (meaning I can hold bubs in one hand and use the machine with the other). It comes in about 4 colour options, it is light weight, comes with a steam basket and receipe book.

Once the food processor has been found the next item you need is cutlery (bowls, plates, spoons etc). I was going for a neutral with spunk colour theme for weaning, so lots of whites, greys then a pop of colour (neon green). I found an amazing site called Kidly. They provide amazing customer service as well as being a vendor for a lot of worldwide independent brands.

Placement and Plate from EZPZ

  • All-in-one placemat & sectioned bowl is made from high quality silicone & strongly suctions to the table, making it difficult for tiny hands to tip over.
  • There are also different sections for different foods so there won’t be any wailing of food touching other foods

Travel bib and flexi spoon from B.box

This is such a handy bib and spoon set because it is compact; there’s no need for zip lock bags so after bub has finished eating I just pop the spoon inside, fold the bib into the catcher and zip closed.

  • Easy to wipe clean and dry
  • BPA, Phthalates and PVC free
  • Lightweight and great texture for babies tender gums

Storage pots

Now one important necessity for weaning is storage pots. I found these cute ones from the brand BrotherMax also on the Kidly site. These were perfect for us as they followed our colour scheme.

  • They come with a dry wipe pen so you can mark the pots with dates and meal names
  • They hold a nice amount of food
  • They are lightweight and compact
  • They stack neatly ontop of each other or side by side
  • At the bottom they have a pop out feature that allows you to push and if the food is frozen it easily pops out
  • Clever, practical storage pots

Silicon baby food dispensing spoon
I stumbled across this handy go to baby bag must have on social media. A female entrepreneur was using this for her baby. So I researched it and found out the brand was Boon and the spoon was called ‘squirt’.

What I love about this product:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to fill with food and use
  • Squirts gradual amounts onto spoon
  • Easy to clean and store in baby bag
  • It holds up to 3 oz of food

Another product that I found from Boon was this baby drying rack  I wanted something practical, yet stylish as well as the item to go with my colour theme so the Boon ‘Grass’ drying rack was perfect!

  • GRASS holds all of bubs accessories as they air dry on the flexible blades that resemble real grass
  • Perfect for drying items of all shapes and sizes
  • Easily holds items upright for drying while excess water collects in bottom tray

My last weaning prep product is the Munchkin Fresh Food feederWhats great about this is that I can put any piece of food inside it and not get paranoid that Tali will take large chunks out of it (even though she has no teeth her hard gums are strong). This item was given as a gift from my sister as she could tell Taliyah wanted to do more than just eat purée.

  • Great for any food for all ages from 6months +
  • Frozen fruit, fresh fruit, crushed ice, carrots, banana etc
  • Locks tight to prevent baby/child from opening
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Great handle for baby to hold and be independent

Now hope you found a few valuable and imformative ideas about prepping for weaning. I always say it’s best to be very prepared when it comes to a baby as anything can happen. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do baby led weaning or just implement purée, but I’ve realised a bit of both is good as it eases her into these new textures. I’m also making sure not to force anything too much as it’s meant to be an exciting experience for us both.

– Mrs B

Dec 25

Merry Christmas and Happy half BirthdayPhotography credit: Mellzphotography

Today marks an extremely special series of events. Today is Christmas Day, the day our Lord Jesus Christ was born. Taliyahs first Christmas and Taliyahs official half-birthday. That’s right the princess turns 6 months today *lets off balloons, glitter and party poppers*.

I can’t believe today 6 months ago I gave birth (naturally with no drugs) to my beautiful princess. It has been an amazing journey into motherhood so far and I couldn’t ask for a more perfect little girl as my daughter.

It’s such an amazing feeling as a first time mother to grow a life inside you and to watch that life grow to something so beautiful and innocentThis journey of motherhood has been a beautiful one so far and has taught me so many new things about myself. I am forever greatful for this opportunity to be a mother to such an amazing bundle of joy.

Here are a few of my favourite newborn moments of my princess

She smiled from such an early stage it just made me and her daddy so happy to know that we have a happy little girl.

Her first hand at modelling and she did an amazing job for being just a month old

Her favourite place to sleep is on her daddy’s chest (currently sleeping on her dads chest as I type)

Taliyah is hitting her milestones well and delevoping such an amazing, funny, charismatic personality

Going through these pictures of her and my camera roll it’s so amazing to see how much she has grown into her own person. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better gift this Christmas even if the gift is 6 months old. I kept hearing the saying ‘you’ll never know love till you have a child’. I didn’t understand it at first but from the moment I knew I was having her she completed my life. With each day I watch her grow I feel my heart overflow with unconditional love, she’s my princess, my other bestie (ps. Her daddy is the other), my whole world.

So on this extra special day for my family to yours I wish you all a blessed and merry Christmas
– Mrs B

Taliyahs Closet

Taliyahs Winter Haul

Now anyone that knows me personally knows my love for clothes and fashion, I’m definitely a self proclaimed stylist. Owning a modelling agency I’m very hands on and style my models for lots their shoots. So it was to my delight when I found out we were having a baby girl; lots more styling for me to do. Thankfully Taliyah is such a little madame and enjoys dressing up and taking pictures; if you haven’t realised by now.(Pinafore and Collared shirt: Jacadi)

I must say I’m a clothes addict and I enjoy putting outfits together so here are a few of Taliyahs winter pieces along with their details.

CluelessThe ultimate preppy back to school look that was the styling of popular 90s movie Clueless. I love that movie so much and really love the plaid era.Outfit details: Sweater and Skirt set: Next – Collared bodysuit: Next – Tights: H&M – Shoes: Mothercare

Navy BluesSo usually blue is for boys and pink is for girls, but I love to go against the grain. Pairing a denim dress with denim booties and a collared bodysuit is definitely a go to everyday look

Outfit details: Dress: Next – Collared bodysuit: Next – Tights: H&M

Floral fantasyNow who doesn’t love a floral print in the winter weather, but double floral takes it to a whole other level. Mixing plain floral and bold print floral is definitely a wardrobe must have and brings out the girly aspect to the dark boyish colours. Throw on a knitted sweater with a knitted hat to complete the look.

Outfit details

Shirt: Zara – Trousers: Zara – Knitted sweater: Zara – Hat: Gucci

Knitted ribsRibbed on trend this; I have over 10 ribbed dresses so when I stumbled across these leggings I knew it was a must have wardrobe piece for my princess. Knitted pieces are always essential for this London winter weather and the rose and beige colours are very subtle to pair with neutral colours.

Outfit details: Leggings: Zara

Winter warmerBrowns and Beiges always remind me of a yummy cup of chai latte which is my favourite winter warmer. I nice cream print sweater coupled with brown knitted joggers and pair of beige tasseled mocks.

Outfit details: Joggers: Zara – Sweater: Zara – Mocks: Moccstars

Silhouette This final piece is a special handmade legging, headband and dummy clip set. Taliyah won this in an online instagram competition and was super excited. The pastel pink hues is hidden a mesh then overplayed with grey cotton. A cute matching set to dress up or for casual days.

Outfit details: Set: Babyhautecouture

Hope you enjoyed walking into Taliyahs winter wardrobe as much as we love the outfits

– Mrs B

Dec 15

5 Things I didn’t learn in Antenatal Classes

Sore nips

Now I knew that initially breastfeeding may hurt to begin with and as you continue it’s painless, but I never got warned about Lil bubs and her hard gums biting and pulling my nipples just for fun and games. I assumed once she had teeth it would be a bit of a battle, but my hard gummy bear is constantly at it. With the help of Lansinoh nipple cream I get through the day.

Cradle cap

One day I woke up and my daughters beautiful thick curly head had what appeared to be dry scalp, I literally googled away then my mother told me oh it’s cradle cap. I then googled away some more and was in a minor panic, didn’t want it rid my daughter of her gorgeous locks. I managed to find a brush from John Lewis specific for cradle cap. That and the help of coconut oil and a gentle shampoo we conquered it all over a 2 weeks stretch and God willing she didn’t lose her locks.

Sweaty Betty

Now I would say I’m an extremely cold blooded person, which is ironic because I was a summer baby. Now Taliyah is the total opposite she’s a summer baby and is constantly sweating. When nursing she sweats, when sleeping she sweats. Apparently it’s very normal as bub has been inside such a warm space for a long time, so regulating body temperature is a struggle. To combat this if I am at home I try to not pack her with layers; yes even in cold London weather. I have our gro egg room thermometer on 24-7 to gage the temperature. At night time she sleeps with only a sleepsuit which I have to change at least once during the night.

I know it’s tempting to say ‘it’s only a bit of sweat, but once it cools off it will make her body cold so it has to be done.

Bathroom chronicles 

No one warned me that one day I will find myself racing to the bathroom, home alone with Taliyah and she would be coming with me. Since she’s become an Olympic roller i find that I cannot leave her on an elevated platform and feel secure so some days I find myself taking her to the loo with me. Although not practical I find it a billions time safer knowing she hasn’t rolled off the bed or leaped out the bouncer. Most days if I want to do cleaning around the house I’ll put her in her baby sling. If I want to cook I’ll put her in her pushchair and have her watch me. 

Before I had her in my head I thought she’s a baby she can’t do anything if you put her in bouncer and run to the toilet; yes that was a lie! I sometimes live her on the bed and secure the edges and hide so she can’t see me. This girl gets up to so much it’s unreal, but it’s beautiful to know she’s an explorer and confident.

There was 3 in the bed

Now Taliyah outgrew her Moses basket before she turned 3 months and not because I’ve got the biggest daughter (she infact is cute and petite), but because she learnt how to stretch and put her leg at the top of the basket and rock it without the rocker even being on. So we had to get a cot as soon as, we spent quite a bit on the cot, the mattress, different bedding god Taliyah to never have spent one night in it.

Why because she’s sandwiched between mummy and daddy. During antenatal classes they really put you off co-sleeping so my level of paranoia was on an all time high. But my fiancé reassured me it will be fine, and he was right. Taliyah is comfortable and feels safe and secure knowing she can turn to either parent at night. Also nursing at night is easy as she literally tugs my bra strap to wake me up for food (yes she’s quite advanced). I mean it must be hard to adjust from being in the same place for 10 months so close and then to have that stripped away. To keep her safe we make sure pillows are away from her hand grasp and have her head at our shoulder height. We don’t sleep with big duvets to avoid overheating and covering of face. Once we get to the second stage of the cot we will try to start with a few more daytime naps then ease into nighttime. But right now I love waking up to her curly her tickling my armpit because she has wormed her way across the bed. 

So these are the 5 things I didn’t learn in antenatal classes hope my little tips and tricks have been useful

– Mrs B

Dec 12

It’s been almost 10 days since my last blog post and that doesn’t seem so long ago but in that short space of time we have hit some milestones (lets off balloons and party poppers).

Taliyah is an official Olympic roller and can go from back to front and front to back with zero assistance at her own leisure. She is such a confident roller which makes me so happy, but with that new found confidence means extra precautions for me and her daddy. Lots of pillows if she on the bed as she has the tendency to roll from one end to the other. With this new found skill she has also learnt how to get into crawling position from sitting upright as well as lunging out of you hand to reach for stuff (future javelin thrower perhaps). I must say I am enjoying her new found skills just as much as she is because it makes playtime soooo much more enjoyable for the both of us. 

She has also reached another milestone of sitting up pretty much unaided which is what I’ve been waiting for as it is one of the weaning ready signs. As she is such a busy body we still support her with cushions as well as her sitting in her interactive donut ring. She’s also loving this new skill because she feels a lot independent and is detesting laying down unless she is sleeping. She’s also learning to get up from laying down using her elbows. It’s so amazing to watch her reach these milestones and master all her  new skills. It’s also funny when she tries to do something and is struggling she actually throws a little tantrum; I strangly find her tantrums cute​.

Amongst these new found milestones we managed to squeeze in some weekend family events. A traditional Nigerian (Muslim) and Sierre Leon engagement which was a beautiful ceremony and was of a new yummy mummy. Taliyah had to dress perfectly for the occasion in her emerald green dress; staying true to the theme.

We also decided to keep in the festive spirit and attend the yearly Hyde park event; Winter Wonderland. In preparation for braving the London winter weather I decided that it was best to bring out all parts of her Bugaboo bee3 pram/pushchair. This included the seat unit, the universal footmuff and the canopy. I did a few practice runs in the house and out at the doctors surgery and Taliyah loved it. 

This is the first time T has been out in the cold for such a long period of time and we had to make sure that she was weather appropriate.I dressed her in this beautiful grey knitted romper from Bootsminiclub she was warm, cute and cosy.

All in all it was a nice night out with close friends and family, cold but well worth it. Lots of yummy food (diet was definitely out the window).

Tis the season to be jolly

– Mrs B

Dec 3

So it’s finally the festive period and if anyone knows me they will know that I’m literally a walking Mrs Clause. I get so excited about every little thing christmasy. This year will be the best one so far as it our first Christmas as our little family and ironically Taliyah turns 6 months on Christmas Day!

I can’t even believe how quickly the year has gone and how blessed this year has been for me. So to get in the festive mood I thought it would be great to get personalised Christmas tree ornaments.Taliyah is such a beautiful, unique name that it doesn’t come in the name section but luckily the store had an option which was blank that we can personalise. The ornaments were from Toys r Us and they cost about £2-4 they also have a range of personalised stockings and baubles.

Today being Dec 3rd also marks 6 months since we got engaged as well as it being our monthly anniversary. Yes we celebrate our anniversary monthly and we spent our anniversay taking baby T to see santa for the first time. We went to DreamPlace in Westfield White City. After a week of Taliyah recovering from a cough (my poor baby), plenty of nasal drops, nasal suckers she was so excited to be out of the house. The staff were nice enough to let us sit inside whilst we waited as it was too cold to be queuing. It was a fun experience and the “rocket ride” to see Santa was bright, bold and big which is what awakened all of Ts senses, she enjoyed it and meeting Santa was the icing on the cake. Not the usual baby that cries she was happy and very attentive. We got to take family photos with and we got to chose how we had them displayed. 

As we got personalised Christmas tree ornaments nothing was more perfect than the picture in the bauble to complete our tree.

As it was Saturday and we were in a shopping centre a few purchases were definitely in order. 

I find that when I go out now I end up looking for stuff for Taliyah I mean babies clothes are super cute how can you not. Weather appropriate we found this cute Liberty Print Chapka hat from Jacadi. It’s lined with faux fur to keep bubs head nice and warm. I love the ear flaps to keep her tiny ears nice and cosy.

I treated myself to a makeup must have from Mac, the Fix + prep and prime skin refresher/finishing mist.It’s definitely my go to product and I love how it just keeps my face fresh and keep my makeup in place. I’ve ordered so many makeup goodies and I cannot wait for them to arrive so I can put my mini artistic skills to work.

All in all the day was amazing spending it with my two favourite people, couldn’t have a better anniversary/monthly date.

– Mrs B