Social media whore

Nowadays everything gets liked, tagged, retweeted and snapped but to name a few it’s hard to keep intimate parts of your life private and personal.

I know there are a huge handful of people thinking ‘omg she puts pictures and videos of her daughter on social media too much’ well for those people close your eyes! When I was pregnant I kept it very private, not because I looked hideous or I was hiding from the world. I actually looked super cute pregnant.

Me and my fiancé decided that it was our first child together so we wanted to keep the intimate moments between us so we could enjoy them privately. Which is never a bad thing! Probably my next child I may be more out there with the pregnancy journey who knows.

So once my princess was born I was a bit apprehensive about putting her on social media. I’m really not about that post a picture with her head missing and people saying ‘awwwh she’s cute’ – you lied, you can only see legs and arms. I’d rather post nothing, a cute hand/foot picture till I feel comfortable. 

Now there are a few pros and cons of using social media, but as I’m in a very positive space in life I always focus on the positive. In the last week social media has opened a few interesting opportunities for myself which I was very excited about.

Last Wednesday I got the opportunity to do a pilot filming for ‘The Sun’ social media channel. The pilot series will be focussing on a duo giving tips, advice, trading funny stories about motherhood. Once the video is out will definitely be posting links so you can see me behind the big screen.Thank you to my blogger yummy mummy friend Katrina who involved me in this opportunity (click her name to check out her amazing blog also).

Last week there was a viral hashtag going around on twitter: #WeMetOnTwitter. Now if any of you have been following my blog from the start (if you haven’t feel free to read back) you will know I met my fiancé on twitter way back in 2014. So I thought it would be very fitting (wow I sound very up myself lol -fitting you know) to join in. Now from that post getting a few thousand retweets and sooooo many likes and comments it got picked up by the BBC. They were doing a story on successful relationships who met on social media and they loved our story and called us to do a mini interview. It was a great experience and I loved the fact we got to be open and honest about our love story and I hope it inspires others to not doubt finding love online. I mean there is a huge stigma to it but if you go about it the right way chances are you too will have a happily ever after. Listen to our mini interview here (45 min mark onwards).

Yesterday I got another opportunity through social media (via. The motherhood group). This was to take part in a drinks campaign, I got through the phone interview stage and then had the opportunity to go to the studio to do a face to face audition. The campaign was looking for mothers to share stories and experiences about their motherhood journey for the company shoot media.I attended the casting with Taliyah and teamed up with Katrina and her beautiful daughter Lauren. It was an amazing experience for both of us being able to talk about motherhood with complete strangers with the comfort of having our daughters there.

It has been a crazy busy week but nonetheless all very fun and having so many opportunities which were based through social media is a huge blessing. So I cannot complain when people call me a social media whore because it’s had its huge pros and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I love using social media and clearly Taliyah loves using snapchat

What are thoughts on having children using social media? Do you feel that your children are too exposed? Do you feel that parents shouldn’t expose their young ones to social media channels?

– Mrs B

Watching Taliyah Grow

I just realised how much my princess has grown and developed and changed sooooo much it’s unreal. She is officially 8 months old today *lets off balloons and party poppers*

I wanted to do a picture reflection of all her amazing milestones.

Before she was here

Even in her 3D scan she was beautiful 

An hour into the world

24 hours later

My first smile – 3 days old (could just be wind)

My first car ride in my car seat

Finally got into my Moses basket

My first wash day (curls pushing through)

My first snapchat selfie 

One week old

My favourite resting place (on my parents)

My second smile 

My first laugh

My naming ceremony (4 weeks old)

6 weeks old

My first photoshoot

My first party

2 months old

3 months old

My first tea party

Went to my first art gallery

Selfie with mummy

12 weeks old
Played a real piano at music class

My daddy and me are twins (my first hair twists)

4 months old

My first halloween

My first shopping trip

Casually eating my foot

5 months old

Nap time with my favourite auntie Nancy

My first Christmas jumper

I saw santa for the first time 

Winter wonderland 

I can officially sit up unaided

My first bus journey 

Matching Uggs with my momma and auntie 

Santas grotto at my auntie Nita’s workplace 

Christmas time with my lil big sisters

My Christmas photoshoot

My family 

My first Christmas

My first solid meal

I fed myself

New Year’s Day 

My first time at the aquarium 

I love big bows and I cannot lie

7 months old

I chew everything because I’m teething
I stood up in my cot

Me and my brother Morgan (from womb till now)

Eating my first packet of crisps

I went to another tea party

My first valentine

Me up to mischief 

Baby butt skin 

Now I know a big concern for myself when I was pregnant was; ‘what am I going to use on my newborns skin’. 

Imagine how much research as to be done for skin that’s lived in water for 10 months. So here are my 3 top tips for caring for baby’s beautiful skin. Along with a mini review on each product.

Clothing care:

Now this took place before bubs was even born and by took place I mean all clothes we had for her aged 0-3 months and newborn we washed beforehand. I mean you never know what dust particles or even where the clothes is manufactured has been before it ends up in your house. 

I spent ages looking for a washing detergent and researched that liquid gel was much better than powder for bubs skin. So up till now we use Fairy non bio liquid gel it cleans stubborn stains and leaves her clothes smelling fresh. We also like to use conditioner to keep her clothes super soft so it’s nice against her skin. We use Comfort pure; it’s specifically made with babies in mind which is perfect. 

For the first 3 months we washed then took her clothes to a laundromat to be dried so it got that good heat dry. After that we air dry her clothes which works well. Up till now I still wash her clothes before she wears new items, but a lot of people say you can stop at 6 months the same way you stop super sterilising all bottles etc. One trick I did adopt was if she had to wear something and there was no time to wash it; turn it inside out switch on the iron put it on max and hot press the item.

Bath time routine

I find that it is so easy to fall into the trap as a first time mom to try new things, but I think that consistency is key with babies skin. We have used one bath wash since birth and it has worked well for us. I personally recommend trying one thing for at least two weeks (unless you immediately see something unusual on bubs skin) before trying another thing. That way you can keep track of how bubs skin reacts. The bath soap we use is Infacare; we got given a big bottle of it when we attended the baby show.

Bubs skin is 10 times more delicate than an adult so Infacare is formulated to be as natural and gentle as possible. 

  • It is ultra-mild and pH balanced with masses of long-lasting bubbles (fun when bubs can sit in bath and splash around). 
  • What’s great about Infacare is that unlike other bubble baths it does not contain ‘Sodium Trideceth Sulfate’, which is a cleanser that is mild but can dry out your skin. 
  • What I really love about Infacare is that it contains emollients (increases the skin hydration by reducing evaporation). 

At 7 1/2 months we continue to use Infacare for Taliyahs baths and I highly recommend it. I had super sensitive skin as a baby and still do and so does my fiancé so we were panicking about what to use and Infacare has worked well. 

What is also important when it comes to bath time routine is what you dry bubs with. We use Cuddledry towels which we also stumbled across at the baby show we went to whilst pregnant.

Taliyah has the ‘original cuddledry handsfree baby bath towel’.

  • It’s great because it is made from pure unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibre
  • I love the fact that it is safe and secure; you clip it round your neck which makes bathing a stress-free, natural and perfect bonding time
  • Silky soft, highly absorbent and fast drying
  • It contains a double-layer system and has a hood and it draws water away from baby’s skin and hair

Moisturise for the gawds 

My personal worst nightmare is dry skin, I had rashes as a child because of my super sensitive skin and growing up later realised I had a lot of allergies. In order to nip it in the bud for Taliyah I decided that I wouldn’t use any perfumed products or any products that were not 100% natural and organic when it came to moisturising.

From birth we used natural raw shea butter on her skin which kept her skin moisturised and hydrated. I did find that it keeps heat in as well and Taliyah being a sweaty betty she didn’t need the extra heat. So I decided to mix it with coconut oil which is also amazing on the skin. At first we found an organic one from whole foods. Then I stumbled on Kokoso Baby which is a 100% natural head-to-toe infant skincare.

  • What I love about Kokoso baby is that they use the highest quality raw virgin organic fresh-pressed coconut oil specially selected for your bubs skin
  • It doesn’t contain nasty chemicals
  • It has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin
  • I love that even down to the packaging it is baby safe and BPA free

We also used this to combat her cradle cap and it was amazing as well as if we see any sudden heat or milk rash on her chubby cheeks it literally works overnight.

– Mrs B