Dear Mummy 

So I’ve not posted a blog in a while, been super busy being a mother, wife to be (wedding prep on the go), sister and a friend. With Mother’s Day looming around I got in the more reflective mood with this post. Last Mother’s Day I was celebrating it as a mom to be and this Mother’s Day I will be celebrating it a mom. I don’t want to bang on about what being a mother to me means and all so I thought I’d take a different approach.

Dear Mummy,

When the wet wipe is a bit colder than usual so I have no other choice but to roll around to get a little heat on my tush.

Dear Mummy,

Sometimes I roll so close to the edge of the bed not because I want you to panic, but I want to remind you what life on the edge used to be like before me.

Dear Mummy,

When I throw a tantrum in public it’s not because I want to embarrass you, but because I want the whole world to see how great you are at comforting.

Dear Mummy,

When you slave away in the kitchen and I spit every spoon out, not because I hate your cooking; but I want you to have a night off tomorrow. Chuck me an Ella’s kitchen and I’ll be fine.

Dear Mummy,

Sometimes I pull your top down while your nursing me not to embarrass you, but to show the world how perky your boobies still are.

Dear Mummy,

Whenever I throw my toys on the floor and you have to keep bending down, it’s really for your own good after all you have been moaning how much of a workout you need.

Dear Mummy,

Sometimes I kick you a little harder than usual because it’s been a while since you’ve rubbed your belly and I missed you.

Dear Mummy,

When you was trying to find out whether I was a boy or girl I kept playing hide and seek, to prepare you for the endless hours of games we will play when I’m here in the flesh.

Dear Mummy,

Sometimes when I’m going through a development stage I’m super clingy, only because I know my whining stresses you a bit and you need the extra cuddles.

Dear Mummy,

A lot of time I crawl to places I shouldn’t be, causing you to sprint across the room not because I want you to prep for the marathon; but because I want you to remember how light you are on your toes.

Dear Mummy,

I know my first word was dada but only because daddy throws me up in the air and I need to shout dada for him to get excited to put me down like you want.

– Taliyah

Under 1 Roof

Last week Sunday we got invited to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the amazing company Under 1 Roof.

Under 1 Roof is a new and unique children’s space in the heart of South East London; it’s the modern day kids urban oasis.

What I love about Under 1 Roof is that it literally is what it says on the tin can; everything is under 1 Roof (excuse the pun). The children’s space houses all of the following: 

  • 84 place nursery 
  • Children’s Theatre 
  • Multi-purpose studio 
  • Sensory Room 
  • Pre-school soft-play 
  • Messy Play studio 
  • Well-Being Room 
  • Music Room 
  • Conference Room 
  • Co-Working Space 
  • Play-Cafe 
  • Retail Village 
  • Party Hire

What this means is no more travelling up and down to various baby classes, no more looking for different locations for after school classes for children. Under 1 Roof house all of these activities in the one location.

As Taliyah is still a little bubba we explored a few of the options that were age appropriate for her at the 1st birthday party.

Soft PlayTaliyah loved the soft play area, every area was soft and safe for her to go wild with. It contained a lot of larger soft toys for climbing and sitting on and just for general exploring. The colours were bold and bright which definitely appeals to her senses. What was great about this soft play area was that it was gated off and there was a member of staff outside the gate at all times. Which is very important with small humans as they are fast to crawl or run somewhere they shouldn’t. I would definitely recommend this soft play for anyone in the area. 

The cost is amazing also: soft play is £5 unlimited time entry for under 5s, under 1s are £1.

The BalconyWe decided to do some exploring upstairs and landed on the balcony which houses a lot more spaces for other classes that take place. Located on the balcony is The Beam; this system is for over 5s and costs £5 for a wristband for unlimited time (opened after school and weekends). It is an interactive floor and wall that children use their imagination to have fun with. Alongside The Beam was an area with sofas and pop up tents and tunnels. Taliyah enjoyed it very much and me and hubby got a chance to sit down, watch her explore and relax.

Travelling within Under 1 Roof

There are areas were buggies can be parked and are safe. As well as the space and all it’s doorways being wide for those who choose to use their buggies around the space. There are stairs that take you you upstairs as well as the accessible lift. 

It was great to hear that the centre is accessible for children with additional needs. They also have other providers who run sessions in our sensory room plus other rooms for this. 

I spoke to one of the managers Anne-Marie and she explained that 

“for example a local children centre use it every saturday and we’ve had wheelchair dance sessions too run by dreams dance. We’re looking to expand this offering and are talking to Its and more charities and groups who can use our facilities”

This was music to my ears as I have a younger sister who uses a wheelchair so it was amazing to hear that such an amazing place caters for children who need the extra support. I find that a lot of places try to not mix children who have extra needs and create their own space for them. However I believe that creates segregation, I know from experience a child with special needs wants to be around other children that don’t have special needs as well. I feel like this also helps them learn better.

Sensory roomI love a sensory room and find that it has so many zen qualities. So I was over the moon to have located this on the first floor, Taliyah loved the bright lights, the soft cushions, the bean bags but to name a few. The sensory room is an inclusive and accessible centre for all, primarily for children with special educational needs. With high quality equipment and fully trained staffed. What’s great about this area is that it is opened for the public for an hour everyday (induction is required to use equipment unsupervised).

The cost of using this amazing facility is: £8 per child, maximum of 6 children, or £25 per hour for exclusive use. 

The Menagerie After a fun, busy day at Under1Roof nothing beats relaxing at the cafe which is also onsight. The cafe offers a nutritious, healthy menu for the whole family to enjoy. 

  • Drop your children at the nursery, and stop for breakfast. 
  • Grab a coffee on the way to work. 
  • Bring your children to a class, and treat them to lunch with their “classmates” afterwards.
  • Sit and enjoy coffee with friends before your little ones have fun on the soft-play.

The options are endless, the cafe provides safety proof high-chairs, has sofas and booths to relax (and breastfeed) and has a play area for the little ones also. We had some yummy healthy fruit smoothies and Taliyah enjoyed to.

The shopsAfter playing and eating who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy? I know your thinking they have this too. Yep Under 1 Roof has their book and toy shop as well as a beautiful clothing store called Crafty-pear. They have beautiful hand made designs for babies and young children. 

The Nursery

This has to be the most creative part of Under 1 Roof. The fact that they have an ofsted registered, recommended and approved 84 place nursery for full/part time for children aged 3 months – 5 years old. As well as their new feature which is the Crèche which is an amazing concept offering more ad hoc childcare to compliment the co working desk hire, spa room with treatments, parent fitness classes. It’s also great just for one off childcare options so parents can leave the site and do what else they may need to. 

“the  creche provides activities, free play and is more than just a babysitting option”

Under 1 Roof is an amazing space, the staff are qualified, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate you and your child’s needs. The space has so many facilities that there is something for everyone. I would definitely recommend this kids oasis for all parents. There are alot of classes for the older children, after school activities, theatre productions, music shows but to name a few. Truly an amazing location with such a warm atmosphere. If you are in the south London area it is definitely worth checking out! If you are a bit further then a nice day out at Under 1 Roof is needed:

– Mrs B