Dear Mummy 

So I’ve not posted a blog in a while, been super busy being a mother, wife to be (wedding prep on the go), sister and a friend. With Mother’s Day looming around I got in the more reflective mood with this post. Last Mother’s Day I was celebrating it as a mom to be and this Mother’s Day I will be celebrating it a mom. I don’t want to bang on about what being a mother to me means and all so I thought I’d take a different approach.

Dear Mummy,

When the wet wipe is a bit colder than usual so I have no other choice but to roll around to get a little heat on my tush.

Dear Mummy,

Sometimes I roll so close to the edge of the bed not because I want you to panic, but I want to remind you what life on the edge used to be like before me.

Dear Mummy,

When I throw a tantrum in public it’s not because I want to embarrass you, but because I want the whole world to see how great you are at comforting.

Dear Mummy,

When you slave away in the kitchen and I spit every spoon out, not because I hate your cooking; but I want you to have a night off tomorrow. Chuck me an Ella’s kitchen and I’ll be fine.

Dear Mummy,

Sometimes I pull your top down while your nursing me not to embarrass you, but to show the world how perky your boobies still are.

Dear Mummy,

Whenever I throw my toys on the floor and you have to keep bending down, it’s really for your own good after all you have been moaning how much of a workout you need.

Dear Mummy,

Sometimes I kick you a little harder than usual because it’s been a while since you’ve rubbed your belly and I missed you.

Dear Mummy,

When you was trying to find out whether I was a boy or girl I kept playing hide and seek, to prepare you for the endless hours of games we will play when I’m here in the flesh.

Dear Mummy,

Sometimes when I’m going through a development stage I’m super clingy, only because I know my whining stresses you a bit and you need the extra cuddles.

Dear Mummy,

A lot of time I crawl to places I shouldn’t be, causing you to sprint across the room not because I want you to prep for the marathon; but because I want you to remember how light you are on your toes.

Dear Mummy,

I know my first word was dada but only because daddy throws me up in the air and I need to shout dada for him to get excited to put me down like you want.

– Taliyah

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