Tea-time with Jungle Friends 

Now as Taliyah is basically a toddler when it comes to play time a little bit of educating is crucial. We are currently learning about various animals, our trip to the farm kicked it off and now we have some amazing animal soft toys too.

We got a nice selection from a company called Gund. Gund is America’s most prestigious soft toy company and this summer they have launched an exclusive range of plush baby toys and activity sets.

The new ‘Jungle-friends’ range come in a selection of various toy types:

  • The giraffe rattle
  • The giraffe cuddly toy
  • The giraffe wind up toy
  • The Jungle Friends bowling set

These are amazing as they have a variety of well loved jungle-friends (no pun intended) options for children and they are just super cute. With lions, giraffes, hippos, monkeys and elephants all part of the line-up, babies and young children are bound to have hours of endless fun letting their imaginations quite literally run wild while developing their motor skills through sensory play.

First impression

So my first impression as a parent was thank goodness I don’t need to buy lots of batteries for this selection of toys. A lot of children’s toys these days are electric and require batteries or a whole tool kit to install.

Taliyahs first impression was very different to her usual reactions. Normally she’s throwing the toy before it’s out of the wrapping but this time she was a lot more gentle and apprenhensive to dive right in.


  • The giraffe cuddly toy

This is one of Taliyahs favourites of the bunch as she loves giving cuddles from time to time. So this was a perfect size, super soft and it was light weight. Sometimes she would run up and give the teddy to me to cuddle and of course I had to give her a huge cuddle. This toy is perfect for newborns right up young children (even the older ones that don’t think they are too grown for a cheeky cuddle). Taliyah also loved bringing her giraffe teddy to her tea parties. This cuddly giraffe is made from special heathered fabric, suitable from birth and hand washable.This toy retails at: £18

  • The giraffe rattle

Of the selection I would say we got least play out of this because Taliyah was a bit too grown for the rattle (she thinks she’s a big ol teenager I’m sure). However I realised that when you are out and about i hooked it onto the pram and Taliyah could give it a good ol shake. This toy is perfect for younger babies as the nose soothes them as well as draws to their attention using their eye and hearing coordination. The size is also perfect for tiny little hands, it is suitable from birth, machine washable and CE marked.This toy retails: £6.95

  • The giraffe wind up toy

Taliyah is at the age where logical thinking is something she is very interested in. Opening and closing boxes, screwing and unscrewing lids and squeezing tubes. So this wind up toy was perfect for her. It was just as soft and the same size as the teddy but you could wind it up and it plays music. Taliyahs two favourite things; music (as she loves dancing), then twisting things. She loved winding it up and that was great for her motor skills. Also she would give her dad one giraffe and hold the other (wonder how long sharing lasts). This toy is surface washable, suitable from birth and CE marked.This toy retails at: £27

  • The jungle friends bowling set

This was a household favourite! It came with 5 different easily identifiable animal characters so it’s great for parents/guardians to teach about animals, they are a great size for babies and young children to hold, have a sturdy base so pins stand well and it included a ball that would be used to knock down the pins.

What we as a family loved most about this set was that firstly it came in a nice storage bag which is always needed when it comes to toys. Easy to show your little one all about tidy up time, or perfect to travel without getting dirty.

We loved creating other games with this set; her dads favourite was football (I dreaded it at first but then remembered the ball was so soft and ended up getting involved. We love that this a toy grows with the child and can create endless hours of gaming and learning fun. It is suitable from birth, machine washable and CE marked.This toy set retails at: £35

Overall view 

The jungle friends set have been a huge hit in our household from me and hubby bringing out our inner child playing football with the ball that comes with the bowling set, to Taliyah learning how to test gravity by throwing and rolling the ball. 

The colours of these products are amazing as they are gender neutral, and will go match any room decor. They are super soft so no worrying about bumps and bruises on your teeny new horns to your exploring toddlers. The price points are reasonable also for such luxury material and love that they are easy to wash so naughty germs won’t cling onto our jungle friends.

Lastly the selection and choices of characters really appeal to babies and young children. It creates a more friendly reaction to these animals and it helps them learn all about them. Our next animal encounter will be to zoo and we will definitely be taking a few of our jungle friends with us

All of these amazing toys can be purchased online via the Gund site. I will be also running a giveaway on my social media platform very soon so stay tuned..

– Mrs B

Farming around with first mates

Hiya readers, I have been mia for just over a month as a lot of you may know I was super busy with Taliyahs baptism, 1st birthday planning (will do a blog about all of that) and my traditional wedding.

Now the dust has settled and we are back to our scheduled programming I am back to my weekly posts. So will be starting it off with a bang!

Today we attended the Snufflebabe UK First Mates event! It took place at The Vauxhall City Farm, London.

About the brand

Snufflebabe is the UKs number 1 baby nasal decongestant range. The brand provides five effective solutions to help your little one breathe, feed and sleep in comfort.

  • Vapour rub – suitable from 3 months
  • Nasal aspirator – suitable from birth
  • Nasal drops – suitable from birth 
  • Nasal spray – suitable from birth
  • Vapour oil – suitable from birth as a room vapour

The event was free and we had to just secure our attendance by getting a ticket online via eventbrite (on this occasion a friend of mine got the tickets for us). There were two hour time slots for the mums to meet and chat etc and for the children to play.

There was a play area for the children to interact with each other and play. Which is always great for us mums! Allowing our children to be free and have independent play.

The event was in honour of #nationalbestfriendday approaching soon and the idea that mums need the opportunity to get out and meet up, babies/children making new friends and how important it is to create those relationships. We were able to chat over cups of tea/coffee and were treated to yummy cakes.

After the actual event we were given a lovely goody bag which had a nice selection of products:The goody bag included; 

  • Nasal aspirator – Safe – paediatrician approved and available on prescription. Clean & hygienic – special filter ensures you can never ‘suck back’ any gunk. Comfortable – you never have to put the nozzle directly into your baby’s nose, just near their nostrils
  • Nasal drops – Sterile, safe, saline drop. Softens and washes away pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria and mucus
  • Squeezy toy for little one 
  • Information leaflet about the ins and outs of nasal congestion products

We were then free to go around the farm and enjoy seeing the animals. This was our first time going to the Vauxhall City Farm and I was pleasantly surprised that there was a Farm so close to our door step. The farm itself is free for visitors to attend and they have various activities for you to do if you have a planned visit.

This was TTs first time seeing animals in the flesh. She was super curious and kept stretching her arm out to pet them (obviously my OCD didn’t let her touch them, when she’s older she can). It was just enough of an experience to just look especially as I am trying to teach her about animals. 

She had such an amazing time at the farm as you can see #thatsmybestfriend #gobestfriend 

– Mrs B