Mummy and Me- Bourn Beautiful Natural

As a black mother with a daughter one thing I always wanted was for her to embrace and love every single thing about herself. One of those things being everything natural about herself and it started from her crown (her hair). 

I have done a few blog posts about Taliyahs hair regime which I got amazing feed back from. So I was super excited when I got sent amazing natural hair products from Bourn Beautiful Naturals

Not a lot of people know that I made the conscious decision to wear my hair out natural since having Taliyah. Although weaves and wigs are great for protective styling I wanted my daughter to look at me and say oh my hair is amazing like mummy’s. Also a little disclaimer I am NOT a natural hair expert, I’m just someone that if I’m passionate about something I will research a lot about it.

Bourn Beautiful Naturals is a UK black owned business and makes hand-crafted products in Britain for naturally kinky-curly hair. Their products are free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, TEA and DEA. What I love most about the products is that they are vegan and vegetarian friendly yet still have that luxurious feel.

Product breakdown

Moisture Silk Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Our favourite day of the week- wash day! Now what I loved most about this shampoo was how rich and creamy a lather it was and as it was safe for both Taliyah and myself to use. Usually I have to be super careful because babies move about a lot but she was happy to sit around and I didn’t have to worry if it would be too strong or foam too much so that it drips.

It left both our curls still defined and bouncy without any additional product. As you can see we have similar but different curl patterns and the shampoo still did an amazing job.

Avocado Smoothie Conditioner: When I tell you this had me feeling like a goddess after and it smelt so good.It literally does exactly what it says it does, I applied to my hair left on for 30 minutes then rinsed. The hempseed oil acted as a protective barrier and really helped with my severe itchy scalp. Taliyah didn’t use this as it’s a little stronger for her tender scalp.

Knot-free Detangling Moisturiser: One of the biggest essentials for curly and kinky hair is moisture so having a good detangler starts any hair day the right way. This has become our go to product when wearing our hair out or even before I began styling Taliyahs hair it keeps our strands supple and I love how nourished both our curls feel with the coconut-infused light mist spray.

Curl, Please! Curling Custard: Now for every natualista out there I am sure we can all agree that a curling custard or curling cream is our everything. It helps moisturises curls and kinks keeping them in place. It contains coconut milk, aloe vera, mango butter, hempseed oil and goji berry extracts. The perfect natural ingredients to have does curls pop and shine.Now as Taliyah is still quite young I don’t do braid outs or twist outs just yet so I apply the curling custard and she will either wear her hair out in a beautiful Afro or I would do a protect style and braid it.Now this curling custard was nothing short of perfection as it wasn’t too sticky so her cainrows were still fresh and smooth and had that extra shine. For myself I live for a braid out as it helps stretch my hair overnight. This curling custard was the perfect product because after a good nights sleep my hair still looked nourishedI was able to put my hair all in one in a neat bun and my curls were popping and my edges were smooth.

Leave me be Leave-in Conditioner (silicone & glycerine-free): I really loved this leave in conditioner as it worked well with the curling custard and was lightweight so it didn’t weigh down our tresses and smoothed our hair from the cuticle right to the tip. 

Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner: One of the most important parts of hair care is conditioning and I love a good hair masque.This is packed with pure coconut milk, rich in vitamins c, b1, b3, b5 but to name a few. It also contains shea butter which is my all time favourite natural product for skin, hair my whole life really.

I don’t deep condition Taliyahs hair too often as it’s harder because you don’t want her to catch a cold from sitting around with product. With my own hair I deep condition every two weeks, as it always helps nourish my hair. I’ve used this twice on myself and found that it always left my hair feeling salon fresh. I noticed that when I did put product in my hair after the product would work better for my hair.

Hair too balm: I’m always looking for product to grease Taliyahs scalp as it gets dry so easily and rely on a mixture of shea butter and coconut oil. But guess what this balm has both and added avocado oil and hempseed oil. Using this daily whilst her hair was in braided styles I noticed that her scalp wasn’t as dry and once I took her braided styles out her hair wasn’t dry and the roots.

Overall view

  • Sizing: the sizing of the products are amazing ranging from 50ml up to 500ml. There are 3 size options for each product so it meets everyone’s needs
  • Price: pricing is really affordable starting from £3.50 for the smallest size to £22 for the largest size product
  • Usage: I found the products easy to use as they had step by step guidance on how best to use them on each bottle/tub/tube.

Now I was definitely not an expert before becoming a mum but since I’ve researched so much about haircare. I am extremely happy with the Bourn Beautiful Natural range and would definitely recommend for all natural hair wearers. The range makes a perfect combination and was able to work well for my 3c hair type and my daughters 4a hair type. 

Our friends over at Bourn Beautiful Natural have given as a discount code (SMILES15) to share with all our readers that give you 15% off any product on their website. To get all the latest updates on the brand follow them on instagram: @bbnaturalsuk twitter: @bbnaturalsuk

– Mrs B

Welcome to Ta-chella 

So here’s the long overdue post about my amazing party planning skills with the help of some great vendors. A lot of people know that I am super creative and love a DIY so I made sure that Taliyahs 1st Birthday was nothing short of original, fun and creative.

Planning began with the theme and I decided to steer clear of the same ol princess or Disney theme. I wanted her party to be fresh, fun and something that she would love when she looks back at photos. 

Boho x Coachella = Ta-Chella… why? Because Taliyah has such a love for music and I love floral print but didn’t want to over do it so boho chic was perfect adding the rustic feel. This also tied in with her cake smash session.


Food: Now my worst nightmare is when you go to a party and the food quality is just not up to scratch! You’ve saved your stomach all day and all that’s there is a popcorn machine, couple of sweets in jars and a hot dog machine. My mother is a caterer so my food expectations are always really high and that goes for kids parties too. So I was excited to have Canapés and Treats Catering for Taliyahs birthday party. They provided us with 3 different set ups all themed and personalised.

Taliyahs Cake TablesHer cake table included two cakes; 1 ‘one’ cake all themed then a two tier naked cake, cake pops, a selection of cupcakes and personalled sugar cookies. They all tasted amazing!

Taliyahs Snack BarA spin on the normal popcorn bar with a choice of your favourite sweet toppings ranging from skittles, to cookies. Personalised jelly shots as well as two flavours of fruit punch.

Dig inThe picture of this spread is enough to have your mouth drooling ranging from; homemade chicken burgers (halal), beef burgers, potato wedges, veggie balls, popcorn chicken but to name a few. The list has made me hungry whilst typing and the menu went down a treat with all our guests young and old.A twist on your basic sweet tables Canapés and Treats provide both sweet and savoury tables. Hot and cold savoury canapés and bespoke desserts with a personalised touch. Complete with decor to compliment your party theme as well as a range of afforable packages.

Entertainment: Now I’ve been to a number of kids parties and I find that they always have the same idea; mascot, pass the parcel, music statues and bouncy castle etc. I find that the younger kids never get to fully enjoy the entertainment as they don’t understand. For Taliyahs party we had 4 elements of entertainment.

Flash tatts and Crown stationsBecause no festival especially Coachella is complete without the perfect look. Flash tatts were being done for both the kids and adults upon arrival. Also upon arrival the guests were given flower crowns for the girls and feather crowns for the boys (made by myself) all tied in to the boho x Coachella theme. I bought all the little bits to make the crowns from AliExpress, great price but always remember to give at least 6 weeks for orders to arrive in time.

Bubble performanceThis had me excited and turned me into a big kid, I love bubbles and so do all kids of all ages so it was the perfect source of entertainment. The bubble performer was by a company called: JoJoFun who house so many other sources of party entertainment.

Bouncy Castle and Soft PlayAs Taliyah was only turning one and a lot of her friends would be in that age bracket I thought hiring a soft play area would be perfect for them to also enjoy so active fun. Then always throw in a bouncy castle for the older kids to jump the day away. Both these services were provided by LetsPartyKids. They were amazing when I had questions about the services and on the day kept in contact with me right till they delivered. Not to mention their pricing is the best I’ve seen anywhere! 

Capturing the moment: Nothing worst than putting on a great event and you battery on your phone dies or the place gets messy so there’s nowhere nice to take pictures by. I hired an amazing photographer who captured all the amazing moments GeorgeDickson Photograhy. So because of this I thought I wanted to have a spin on the normal photo booth or instagram cut out. I’m all about a lovely back drop so I created this giant flower dream catcher like wreath (keeping in boho theme). 

Outfit: Now no birthday party is complete without the perfect outfit and I am so happy that all our guests really stuck to the dress code theme which made the day even more special. As you know by now I love matching with my daughter and wanted her birthday outfit to be one of a kind; and thats exactly what it was!Her bespoke bardot Ankara print top and denim pom pom bloomers were made by LFN Accessories (@lfnaccessories). I showed her a picture of my outfit and told her the theme and she created the perfect complimentary outfit.

Thanks for coming: Who doesn’t love a cheeky party bag to show your attendance at a party. In the spirit of keeping in the theme I got in contact with The Gift Bag Company (who previously did an amazing job on my baby shower favours) Yet again they hit the nail on the head with these amazing theme party bags and the contents inside were nothing short of perfect.

All vendors for Taliyahs birthday party was amazing and I would definitely recommend them for all parties big or small.

Event coordinator: NailahLoveEvents @nailahloveevents

Food: Canapés and Treats @canapesandtreats

Bubble performer: JoJoFun @jojofunparties

Soft play and Bouncy Castle: Lets Party Kids @letspartykidsuk

Gift bags: The Gift Bag Company @thegiftbagcompany

Photography: @georgedicksonphotography

Thank you to all of Taliyahs aunties and uncles for helping make her birthday party amazing and thank you to all her amazing guests for coming and the lovely gifts

– Mrs B