One year on

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

What’s all the excitement about? Well a bit overdue but last month we officially hit our 1 year mark of blogging and what better way but to celebrate with a little site revamp. 

We officially have a logo which I made myself , yes I’m back with my creative spark.

To mark the momentous occasion we did a fall shoot with the ever so talented JKG Photography. Here’s a little milestone update of our main lady and what we’ve been working on.

Words I can say

  • Mummy (I’ve graduated from mama to the full on thing now)
  • Eyes (and I have to point at them when I say it)
  • Grandma and grandpa
  • Tee-ta (my own take on my auntie Nitas’ name)
  • Good girl (how ironic)
  • Save the day (from my fav show pj masks)

What I can do

  • Point out my nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, hair
  • Point out Jake, Finn and Be-mo (my adventure time toy figures)
  • Climb up the stairs confidently 
  • Action along with head shoulders knees and toes and wind the bobbin up 
  • I can do a forward roll (clearly I love baby gymnastics)
  • I know how to plié (learned this in my first ballet lesson)
  • Bite super hard because I now have 8 teeth (which still hurt when they are coming through)

What we’ve been working on

  • We are currently product testing a new prototype breast pump that’s super top secret but it’s going amazingly well, nothing beats liquid gold straight from the boob
  • We have been working with Asda’s little angels and Dr Hilary Jones on an amazing mini series that is launching soon, thanks to Myriad PR
  • Getting super excited for the festive period 

Aside all of that we are excited that all our readers have continued to follow us on this journey and we have a lot more in store; we are going to commit to more frequent posts, and lots and lots of pictures. 

– Mrs B

The Naked Truth about Having a Baby

So last month I had the pleasure of attending my first ever book launch. Amazing to say the least and sum up every aspect about it.

Author, mother of 3 and wife Jernine R wrote an amazing book called ‘The Naked Truth about Having a baby’. The title alone spoke to me as it really hit home as a first time mother. Usually truths relating to motherhood are rarely spoke about or seen as a taboo, however on this occasion all those taboos came to light in her well penned account of her experiences of motherhood. 

The book is split into different sections which allow the reader to follow the journey of the different stages of motherhood. During the book launch the author split it into different stages leading with conception, pregnancy, labour and lastly birth. Each mother shared their honest, open and truthful account of a particular stage. All these stages are the process leading up to motherhood and each mothers experience during these stages shape their motherhood journey.


At the book launch a woman (Kimberly Kane) spoke about her process of going through ivf treatment to conceive a child, she spoke about the ups and downs of the process and the physical and emotional effect it has. In the book conception isn’t spoke about exclusively. As it appears to be a more personal account and the author talks about not knowing she was pregnant which is very common in a lot of pregnancies.


At the book launch a mother (Gemma Samuel’s) of 2 soon to be 3 spoke about her experience of her pregnancy journey, giving birth to her still born baby then a few months later falling pregnant then being blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. She spoke about both pregnancies and how the experiences changed her. In the book Jernine gives an open and raw account of her pregnancy. She opens up about the negative feelings she felt and having to come to terms with her bodily changes. During pregnancy a lot of mothers have negative feelings and go through a tornado of emotions finding it difficult to express this. So it was a breath of fresh air to read her honest account and be able to identify with her emotional rollercoaster.


In the book the chapter on labour opens with a description of the word labour which is a perfect explanation of the experience. I loved the fact that the author highlights all labour experiences as being different even if it’s by the same person. At the book launch a mother (Shirina Carstens) speaks about how much of an easy and smooth labour she had but the after effects were nothing short of a nightmare. However she managed to over come all those post labour complications and they have had a positive impact on her future and making her the woman and mother she is today.


The book does not exclusively talk about birth but talks about the lead up to birth and the preparation that’s needed. I love how it gives practical and informed advice about how to prepare for the arrival of your baby. It then goes on to discuss about the post birth necessities.

  • Bringing the baby home
  • Sleep
  • Breastfeeding 

But to name a few of the aspects the author gives detailed, raw and authentic accounts about. She opens the reader up into her world of motherhood and strips back all the layers that are usually covered with modesty. She not only gives her personal account but she also gives advice which is reader will take away with them.

She reigns 

The book launch was like no other event I have ever been to. A beautiful spoken word by a soon too be first time father (Rommell Wallace) about the power of the women. Amazing vocals in the form of singer song writer (Kenza Blanka). Lots of sweet treats which are always a win for my sweet tooth and super yummy personalised cupcakes by @mummabaker__. The night was hosted by amazing founder @mummy.matters and the interviews were panelled by Pastor @jnrspence.

It was an amazing night and I was honoured to be able to attend such a well put together event. Not to mention my new addiction to the authors writing. Usually I’m the queen of summarising however on this occasion there isn’t enough positive adjectives to describe how well versed the book is. It is definitely a must read for all parents to be as well as experienced mothers and fathers (yes dads and dads to be you will gain a whole new insight. The book launch was an event not to be missed and if you did miss it you are in luck as the author will be doing a book signing November 30th. Tickets can be purchased here. If you like me love a good read and want to find out more checkout the site: 

– Mrs B

Pumping on the job

I didn’t think I would be one of those mums that would be so attached to their child that maternity leave turns into stay at home mode. For some that is a true reality however I did want to get back to working eventually, extra income to spend on baby girl yayyyy.

With that being said it’s been officially two weeks of working (didn’t go back to my old job because they suck! But God got me a ten times better one). I wanted to base the blog post on breastfeeding mums that still want to breastfeed but are going back to work. So I create a little list of tips to that are helping me and should help you.

Before work:

  • Establish a good pumping routine so you know when you go to work you can pump in a short amount of time.
  • Create a back up stock of pumped milk (I only had about two 4oz as Taliyah is older, plus prior to me going back to work she only drank boob juice from my boob)
  • Organise childcare with people who support your need to want to continue breastfeeding (between my mum and my husband who has two days off work they split it)
  • Plan the best routes to and from work that are quickest as you want to spend as long as you can breastfeeding before work and get home quick enough to breastfeed
  • Where possible use a manual pump as they are more compact to carry about and still do the job (this is an electric one but it also uses batteries)

During work

  • First thing is kindly request a room where you can pump privately (speak to your HR department as they would be best versed on this)
  • Work out how often you would need to pump to keep supply up (I only pump once at work; right at the start of my lunch break as I can leave up to 4/5 hours without nursing till my boob balloons if it’s not been emptied prior)
  • Drink lots of water! This will help keep your supply up and helps replenish your body 
  • Make sure there is adequate storage space for the pumped milk (my work place have a number of well kept fridges that I store pumped milk). If there isn’t a fridge look into getting a long term cooler bag
  • Phone home to check that your amazing baby has drank your boob juice (as Taliyah is older she drinks it out of a cup at around lunch time after her morning nap) we wouldn’t want her to think boob juice has vanished 

After work 

    • Don’t forget to take your stored milk home with you! As it isn’t your fridge you don’t want to leave it over night etc
    • Take that quick pre-planned route home as you’ve missed your little one 
    • Watch all the videos and pictures you’ve been sent of him/her for the 100th time (I noticed that Taliyah learnt a lot of new things in my first week without me so need them documented)
    • Once you get home smoother with lots of hugs and kisses and once that’s out the way nurse till dinner time!

    What I found was that she nursed a lot more closer to bed time more frequently as a comfort which I am totally happy with. My supply is still well established as I am not leaving it longer than 4 hours to pump. Taliyah coped so well this first week and has a nice routine which is key for keeping a breastfed babies security once boob is away from them awhile.

    Hope this post helps and encourages any breastfeeding mummy’s going back to work, school or simply just going to be away from you little one for a while.

    – Mrs B

    Mummy and Me- Bourn Beautiful Natural

    As a black mother with a daughter one thing I always wanted was for her to embrace and love every single thing about herself. One of those things being everything natural about herself and it started from her crown (her hair). 

    I have done a few blog posts about Taliyahs hair regime which I got amazing feed back from. So I was super excited when I got sent amazing natural hair products from Bourn Beautiful Naturals

    Not a lot of people know that I made the conscious decision to wear my hair out natural since having Taliyah. Although weaves and wigs are great for protective styling I wanted my daughter to look at me and say oh my hair is amazing like mummy’s. Also a little disclaimer I am NOT a natural hair expert, I’m just someone that if I’m passionate about something I will research a lot about it.

    Bourn Beautiful Naturals is a UK black owned business and makes hand-crafted products in Britain for naturally kinky-curly hair. Their products are free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, TEA and DEA. What I love most about the products is that they are vegan and vegetarian friendly yet still have that luxurious feel.

    Product breakdown

    Moisture Silk Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Our favourite day of the week- wash day! Now what I loved most about this shampoo was how rich and creamy a lather it was and as it was safe for both Taliyah and myself to use. Usually I have to be super careful because babies move about a lot but she was happy to sit around and I didn’t have to worry if it would be too strong or foam too much so that it drips.

    It left both our curls still defined and bouncy without any additional product. As you can see we have similar but different curl patterns and the shampoo still did an amazing job.

    Avocado Smoothie Conditioner: When I tell you this had me feeling like a goddess after and it smelt so good.It literally does exactly what it says it does, I applied to my hair left on for 30 minutes then rinsed. The hempseed oil acted as a protective barrier and really helped with my severe itchy scalp. Taliyah didn’t use this as it’s a little stronger for her tender scalp.

    Knot-free Detangling Moisturiser: One of the biggest essentials for curly and kinky hair is moisture so having a good detangler starts any hair day the right way. This has become our go to product when wearing our hair out or even before I began styling Taliyahs hair it keeps our strands supple and I love how nourished both our curls feel with the coconut-infused light mist spray.

    Curl, Please! Curling Custard: Now for every natualista out there I am sure we can all agree that a curling custard or curling cream is our everything. It helps moisturises curls and kinks keeping them in place. It contains coconut milk, aloe vera, mango butter, hempseed oil and goji berry extracts. The perfect natural ingredients to have does curls pop and shine.Now as Taliyah is still quite young I don’t do braid outs or twist outs just yet so I apply the curling custard and she will either wear her hair out in a beautiful Afro or I would do a protect style and braid it.Now this curling custard was nothing short of perfection as it wasn’t too sticky so her cainrows were still fresh and smooth and had that extra shine. For myself I live for a braid out as it helps stretch my hair overnight. This curling custard was the perfect product because after a good nights sleep my hair still looked nourishedI was able to put my hair all in one in a neat bun and my curls were popping and my edges were smooth.

    Leave me be Leave-in Conditioner (silicone & glycerine-free): I really loved this leave in conditioner as it worked well with the curling custard and was lightweight so it didn’t weigh down our tresses and smoothed our hair from the cuticle right to the tip. 

    Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner: One of the most important parts of hair care is conditioning and I love a good hair masque.This is packed with pure coconut milk, rich in vitamins c, b1, b3, b5 but to name a few. It also contains shea butter which is my all time favourite natural product for skin, hair my whole life really.

    I don’t deep condition Taliyahs hair too often as it’s harder because you don’t want her to catch a cold from sitting around with product. With my own hair I deep condition every two weeks, as it always helps nourish my hair. I’ve used this twice on myself and found that it always left my hair feeling salon fresh. I noticed that when I did put product in my hair after the product would work better for my hair.

    Hair too balm: I’m always looking for product to grease Taliyahs scalp as it gets dry so easily and rely on a mixture of shea butter and coconut oil. But guess what this balm has both and added avocado oil and hempseed oil. Using this daily whilst her hair was in braided styles I noticed that her scalp wasn’t as dry and once I took her braided styles out her hair wasn’t dry and the roots.

    Overall view

    • Sizing: the sizing of the products are amazing ranging from 50ml up to 500ml. There are 3 size options for each product so it meets everyone’s needs
    • Price: pricing is really affordable starting from £3.50 for the smallest size to £22 for the largest size product
    • Usage: I found the products easy to use as they had step by step guidance on how best to use them on each bottle/tub/tube.

    Now I was definitely not an expert before becoming a mum but since I’ve researched so much about haircare. I am extremely happy with the Bourn Beautiful Natural range and would definitely recommend for all natural hair wearers. The range makes a perfect combination and was able to work well for my 3c hair type and my daughters 4a hair type. 

    Our friends over at Bourn Beautiful Natural have given as a discount code (SMILES15) to share with all our readers that give you 15% off any product on their website. To get all the latest updates on the brand follow them on instagram: @bbnaturalsuk twitter: @bbnaturalsuk

    – Mrs B

    Welcome to Ta-chella 

    So here’s the long overdue post about my amazing party planning skills with the help of some great vendors. A lot of people know that I am super creative and love a DIY so I made sure that Taliyahs 1st Birthday was nothing short of original, fun and creative.

    Planning began with the theme and I decided to steer clear of the same ol princess or Disney theme. I wanted her party to be fresh, fun and something that she would love when she looks back at photos. 

    Boho x Coachella = Ta-Chella… why? Because Taliyah has such a love for music and I love floral print but didn’t want to over do it so boho chic was perfect adding the rustic feel. This also tied in with her cake smash session.


    Food: Now my worst nightmare is when you go to a party and the food quality is just not up to scratch! You’ve saved your stomach all day and all that’s there is a popcorn machine, couple of sweets in jars and a hot dog machine. My mother is a caterer so my food expectations are always really high and that goes for kids parties too. So I was excited to have Canapés and Treats Catering for Taliyahs birthday party. They provided us with 3 different set ups all themed and personalised.

    Taliyahs Cake TablesHer cake table included two cakes; 1 ‘one’ cake all themed then a two tier naked cake, cake pops, a selection of cupcakes and personalled sugar cookies. They all tasted amazing!

    Taliyahs Snack BarA spin on the normal popcorn bar with a choice of your favourite sweet toppings ranging from skittles, to cookies. Personalised jelly shots as well as two flavours of fruit punch.

    Dig inThe picture of this spread is enough to have your mouth drooling ranging from; homemade chicken burgers (halal), beef burgers, potato wedges, veggie balls, popcorn chicken but to name a few. The list has made me hungry whilst typing and the menu went down a treat with all our guests young and old.A twist on your basic sweet tables Canapés and Treats provide both sweet and savoury tables. Hot and cold savoury canapés and bespoke desserts with a personalised touch. Complete with decor to compliment your party theme as well as a range of afforable packages.

    Entertainment: Now I’ve been to a number of kids parties and I find that they always have the same idea; mascot, pass the parcel, music statues and bouncy castle etc. I find that the younger kids never get to fully enjoy the entertainment as they don’t understand. For Taliyahs party we had 4 elements of entertainment.

    Flash tatts and Crown stationsBecause no festival especially Coachella is complete without the perfect look. Flash tatts were being done for both the kids and adults upon arrival. Also upon arrival the guests were given flower crowns for the girls and feather crowns for the boys (made by myself) all tied in to the boho x Coachella theme. I bought all the little bits to make the crowns from AliExpress, great price but always remember to give at least 6 weeks for orders to arrive in time.

    Bubble performanceThis had me excited and turned me into a big kid, I love bubbles and so do all kids of all ages so it was the perfect source of entertainment. The bubble performer was by a company called: JoJoFun who house so many other sources of party entertainment.

    Bouncy Castle and Soft PlayAs Taliyah was only turning one and a lot of her friends would be in that age bracket I thought hiring a soft play area would be perfect for them to also enjoy so active fun. Then always throw in a bouncy castle for the older kids to jump the day away. Both these services were provided by LetsPartyKids. They were amazing when I had questions about the services and on the day kept in contact with me right till they delivered. Not to mention their pricing is the best I’ve seen anywhere! 

    Capturing the moment: Nothing worst than putting on a great event and you battery on your phone dies or the place gets messy so there’s nowhere nice to take pictures by. I hired an amazing photographer who captured all the amazing moments GeorgeDickson Photograhy. So because of this I thought I wanted to have a spin on the normal photo booth or instagram cut out. I’m all about a lovely back drop so I created this giant flower dream catcher like wreath (keeping in boho theme). 

    Outfit: Now no birthday party is complete without the perfect outfit and I am so happy that all our guests really stuck to the dress code theme which made the day even more special. As you know by now I love matching with my daughter and wanted her birthday outfit to be one of a kind; and thats exactly what it was!Her bespoke bardot Ankara print top and denim pom pom bloomers were made by LFN Accessories (@lfnaccessories). I showed her a picture of my outfit and told her the theme and she created the perfect complimentary outfit.

    Thanks for coming: Who doesn’t love a cheeky party bag to show your attendance at a party. In the spirit of keeping in the theme I got in contact with The Gift Bag Company (who previously did an amazing job on my baby shower favours) Yet again they hit the nail on the head with these amazing theme party bags and the contents inside were nothing short of perfect.

    All vendors for Taliyahs birthday party was amazing and I would definitely recommend them for all parties big or small.

    Event coordinator: NailahLoveEvents @nailahloveevents

    Food: Canapés and Treats @canapesandtreats

    Bubble performer: JoJoFun @jojofunparties

    Soft play and Bouncy Castle: Lets Party Kids @letspartykidsuk

    Gift bags: The Gift Bag Company @thegiftbagcompany

    Photography: @georgedicksonphotography

    Thank you to all of Taliyahs aunties and uncles for helping make her birthday party amazing and thank you to all her amazing guests for coming and the lovely gifts

    – Mrs B

    Tea-time with Jungle Friends 

    Now as Taliyah is basically a toddler when it comes to play time a little bit of educating is crucial. We are currently learning about various animals, our trip to the farm kicked it off and now we have some amazing animal soft toys too.

    We got a nice selection from a company called Gund. Gund is America’s most prestigious soft toy company and this summer they have launched an exclusive range of plush baby toys and activity sets.

    The new ‘Jungle-friends’ range come in a selection of various toy types:

    • The giraffe rattle
    • The giraffe cuddly toy
    • The giraffe wind up toy
    • The Jungle Friends bowling set

    These are amazing as they have a variety of well loved jungle-friends (no pun intended) options for children and they are just super cute. With lions, giraffes, hippos, monkeys and elephants all part of the line-up, babies and young children are bound to have hours of endless fun letting their imaginations quite literally run wild while developing their motor skills through sensory play.

    First impression

    So my first impression as a parent was thank goodness I don’t need to buy lots of batteries for this selection of toys. A lot of children’s toys these days are electric and require batteries or a whole tool kit to install.

    Taliyahs first impression was very different to her usual reactions. Normally she’s throwing the toy before it’s out of the wrapping but this time she was a lot more gentle and apprenhensive to dive right in.


    • The giraffe cuddly toy

    This is one of Taliyahs favourites of the bunch as she loves giving cuddles from time to time. So this was a perfect size, super soft and it was light weight. Sometimes she would run up and give the teddy to me to cuddle and of course I had to give her a huge cuddle. This toy is perfect for newborns right up young children (even the older ones that don’t think they are too grown for a cheeky cuddle). Taliyah also loved bringing her giraffe teddy to her tea parties. This cuddly giraffe is made from special heathered fabric, suitable from birth and hand washable.This toy retails at: £18

    • The giraffe rattle

    Of the selection I would say we got least play out of this because Taliyah was a bit too grown for the rattle (she thinks she’s a big ol teenager I’m sure). However I realised that when you are out and about i hooked it onto the pram and Taliyah could give it a good ol shake. This toy is perfect for younger babies as the nose soothes them as well as draws to their attention using their eye and hearing coordination. The size is also perfect for tiny little hands, it is suitable from birth, machine washable and CE marked.This toy retails: £6.95

    • The giraffe wind up toy

    Taliyah is at the age where logical thinking is something she is very interested in. Opening and closing boxes, screwing and unscrewing lids and squeezing tubes. So this wind up toy was perfect for her. It was just as soft and the same size as the teddy but you could wind it up and it plays music. Taliyahs two favourite things; music (as she loves dancing), then twisting things. She loved winding it up and that was great for her motor skills. Also she would give her dad one giraffe and hold the other (wonder how long sharing lasts). This toy is surface washable, suitable from birth and CE marked.This toy retails at: £27

    • The jungle friends bowling set

    This was a household favourite! It came with 5 different easily identifiable animal characters so it’s great for parents/guardians to teach about animals, they are a great size for babies and young children to hold, have a sturdy base so pins stand well and it included a ball that would be used to knock down the pins.

    What we as a family loved most about this set was that firstly it came in a nice storage bag which is always needed when it comes to toys. Easy to show your little one all about tidy up time, or perfect to travel without getting dirty.

    We loved creating other games with this set; her dads favourite was football (I dreaded it at first but then remembered the ball was so soft and ended up getting involved. We love that this a toy grows with the child and can create endless hours of gaming and learning fun. It is suitable from birth, machine washable and CE marked.This toy set retails at: £35

    Overall view 

    The jungle friends set have been a huge hit in our household from me and hubby bringing out our inner child playing football with the ball that comes with the bowling set, to Taliyah learning how to test gravity by throwing and rolling the ball. 

    The colours of these products are amazing as they are gender neutral, and will go match any room decor. They are super soft so no worrying about bumps and bruises on your teeny new horns to your exploring toddlers. The price points are reasonable also for such luxury material and love that they are easy to wash so naughty germs won’t cling onto our jungle friends.

    Lastly the selection and choices of characters really appeal to babies and young children. It creates a more friendly reaction to these animals and it helps them learn all about them. Our next animal encounter will be to zoo and we will definitely be taking a few of our jungle friends with us

    All of these amazing toys can be purchased online via the Gund site. I will be also running a giveaway on my social media platform very soon so stay tuned..

    – Mrs B

    Farming around with first mates

    Hiya readers, I have been mia for just over a month as a lot of you may know I was super busy with Taliyahs baptism, 1st birthday planning (will do a blog about all of that) and my traditional wedding.

    Now the dust has settled and we are back to our scheduled programming I am back to my weekly posts. So will be starting it off with a bang!

    Today we attended the Snufflebabe UK First Mates event! It took place at The Vauxhall City Farm, London.

    About the brand

    Snufflebabe is the UKs number 1 baby nasal decongestant range. The brand provides five effective solutions to help your little one breathe, feed and sleep in comfort.

    • Vapour rub – suitable from 3 months
    • Nasal aspirator – suitable from birth
    • Nasal drops – suitable from birth 
    • Nasal spray – suitable from birth
    • Vapour oil – suitable from birth as a room vapour

    The event was free and we had to just secure our attendance by getting a ticket online via eventbrite (on this occasion a friend of mine got the tickets for us). There were two hour time slots for the mums to meet and chat etc and for the children to play.

    There was a play area for the children to interact with each other and play. Which is always great for us mums! Allowing our children to be free and have independent play.

    The event was in honour of #nationalbestfriendday approaching soon and the idea that mums need the opportunity to get out and meet up, babies/children making new friends and how important it is to create those relationships. We were able to chat over cups of tea/coffee and were treated to yummy cakes.

    After the actual event we were given a lovely goody bag which had a nice selection of products:The goody bag included; 

    • Nasal aspirator – Safe – paediatrician approved and available on prescription. Clean & hygienic – special filter ensures you can never ‘suck back’ any gunk. Comfortable – you never have to put the nozzle directly into your baby’s nose, just near their nostrils
    • Nasal drops – Sterile, safe, saline drop. Softens and washes away pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria and mucus
    • Squeezy toy for little one 
    • Information leaflet about the ins and outs of nasal congestion products

    We were then free to go around the farm and enjoy seeing the animals. This was our first time going to the Vauxhall City Farm and I was pleasantly surprised that there was a Farm so close to our door step. The farm itself is free for visitors to attend and they have various activities for you to do if you have a planned visit.

    This was TTs first time seeing animals in the flesh. She was super curious and kept stretching her arm out to pet them (obviously my OCD didn’t let her touch them, when she’s older she can). It was just enough of an experience to just look especially as I am trying to teach her about animals. 

    She had such an amazing time at the farm as you can see #thatsmybestfriend #gobestfriend 

    – Mrs B

    Happy 1st Birthday Taliyah 

    June 25th 2016, 04:50am my baby Taliyah Jane Lailani decided that it was time to make a guest appearance 13 days late that is.

    Taliyah at One

    My favourite food: chips + vegiballs

    My favourite fruit: strawberries

    My favourite toy: anything that’s a tube especially my mummy’s lip glosses

    My favourite tv show: adventure time (in the mornings), pj masks (they taught me how to climb), doc mcstuffins (because I love how she fixes things)

    My favourite song: my daddy is a producer and makes the best beats so I get exclusive songs 

    My first word: ‘da-da’ but I’ve upgraded to na-na’, ‘mama’, ‘bye bye da-da’, ‘hi’ and most times I speak a totally foreign language

    My first steps: I walked on my mummy’s birthday, fingers crossed she takes me to gymnastics because I love rolling and climbing

    My favourite outside toy: I love the swings, and love trying to climb up the slide

    My favourite game: peekaboo behind the curtains 

    To celebrate her first birthday Taliyah did an amazing cakesmash session with photographer @Mellzphotography which was amazing as she created the perfect boho theme for TT. The yummy cake was provided by @dinahsdesserts.

    A year ago today you came into my life and completed me. You showed me how easy it is to love unconditionally and to be completely selfless. You brought out the best in me and showed me how to be a real woman. So happy that I’ve been given the honour to be your mother you intelligent, cheeky, beautiful little lady. Honestly so proud to have you as my daughter queen.

    – Mrs B

    Public breastfeeding series

    Happy 11 months to my beautiful, smart, charismatic baby girl. 

    With that being said I get asked at least two times a day ‘when are you going to stop breastfeeding’. Last week we got interviewed by channel 5 regarding public breastfeeding in honour of The Big Breastfeeding Cafe. So this week I decided that everywhere I go I would make the conscious effort to unapologetically publicly breastfeed (light work because Taliyah loves a boob on the go) and photograph the moment. 

    Our first public breastfeeding session this week took us to the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square. After a long afternoon of Taliyah getting so much knowledge from all the beautiful pieces of art she was pooped. So we found a  seating spot outside one of the galleries and nursed to nap time. It was very fuss free and no one stopped and stared, which makes sense as there was so much provocative art. Surely feeding your child liquid gold cannot make you feel uneasy in that environment. 
    Our second public breastfeeding session took place on the London Underground! Now this was a bit more difficult as we couldn’t just slip off to a corner, it’s literally you face me I face you vibe! Luckily for anyone else’s uncomfort my fiancé was sat opposite me. This time round Taliyah was thirsty and a bit peckish on a tedious journey from south London to north. So who could blame her for wanting a little pick me up. It wasn’t as easy nursing on the train as it was moving and space was limited and as you can see Taliyah loves a gymnastics whilst eating.

    Our third public breastfeeding session took us to the park. Now when Taliyah was first born and we finally went out we went to the park and we nursed but it was a totally different experience for us. Then we had a nursing blanket covering us, we were sat away from everyone and really tried to be discreet. This time round we had no cover (I mean who hides themselves whilst they eat?). We didn’t go to a tiny corner away from everyone and we didn’t try to be discreet. This is because breastfeeding your child is the most natural thing you can do. 

    As corny as it may sound it feels like such an accomplishment to be able to nurture a child with the liquid gold my body produces. 

    The fact that it has so many nutrients that help with the growth and development of my daughter is just amazing to me. The fact that it is a natural comfort and stress reliever for bubs makes me so happy. 

    A lot of mothers feel that they have to wean their babies off breastmilk once they hit the 6 month mark, but that isn’t the case. Breastfeeding after 6 months still has a lot of benefits; liquid gold carries antibodies and still has immunologic factors. This can be even more important from 6 months and beyond when bubs are exposed to much more illness and infection as they get out and about more. What I do love most is the wonderful bond that breastfeeding creates between me and my baby. 

    My tips for nursing mums:

    • Don’t feel pressured to stop breastfeeding your child at anytime, your baby and your body
    • Do not question if baby is getting enough; eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and baby having enough wet and soil nappies will let you know
    • Do not let others question you “is he/she full” nobody knows your baby better than you (i mean they lived in you for over 9 months)
    • Do not feel that you have to top up baby with formula to “get full”, your body produces enough milk to meet your babies needs
    • If you are away from baby for more than 3 hours (Mums with babies 6 months and under) try and pump/hand express to make sure your supply is still maintained 
    • Do not feel rushed to wean baby off breastmilk
    • When breastfeeding in public do what you feel comfortable doing with or without a cover (chances are your bubs wants to stare lovingly into your eyes and will yank the cover off)

    Here are some pictures of my amazing exclusively breastfed 11 month old baby:

    – Mrs B

    The Big Breastfeeding Cafe

    If you’ve followed my motherhood journey for the last 10 months you’ll know I’m very much a breastfeeding advocate. So I was definitely first in line on the invite list for my first experience of The Big Breastfeeding Cafe.cupcakes: @what_sarah_bakes

    The Big Breastfeeding Cafe was created by Medela UK alongside Bumppr as what I would call more an inniative as opposed to an event. At the cafe Mums join together to chat all things breastfeeding, share experiences and support each other over a cuppa and some tasty treats (the bubbas favourite part). The boobie cupcakes by @what_sarah_bakes went down a treat with our bubbas, no nipple confusion as they washed down these tasty cupcakes with non other than their liquid gold! 

    This year was my first time in attendance and I was excited that Boo.bsmoothie was hosting it in Stratford. I have previously used the amazing powder lactation smoothie products when tt was having a major growth spurt and I needed a little boost. The smoothies were easy to make and even more easy to consume.

    #TheBigBreastfeedingCafe took place in Gerrys Kitchen in Stratford which was a lovely location. There were lots of sofas, cushions and space which is always ideal when it comes to mummy and baby events.

    What I loved most about the event was that it was created by knowledgeable professionals and it is always lovely to have that support from the bigger corporations. The fact that Medela and Bumppr are just as passionate about breastfeeding really helps to push awareness about public breastfeeding. The event was a nice lovely get together with nursing Mums with babies aged from newborn right up to 3 years old supporting one another. We were able to discuss, share stories and just seeing another mother nursing publicly and not being made to feel embarrassed or ashamed was beautiful.

    What pushed the boat out even more about the event was that it was covered by Channel 5 News, which was amazing as breastfeeding publicly is always a topic that is shyed away or seen as taboo. Which is very disappointing because let’s be real a lot of us have been breastfed as babies so it’s disheartening that mothers are made to feel anything other than empowered when nursing their little ones. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the Channel 5 news crew. Here I spoke about the fact that I’ve become very confident in publicly breastfeeding and the fact that even on the journey to the event I was breastfeeding my princess on the bus (I did get a few stares but when hunger is calling a girl has got to eat).


    I am very happy that I was able to speak about my public breastfeeding experience on a platform that is viewed by the nation. It was an amazing experience meeting other like minded mums and hopefully events like this really help open the nations  perceptions about mothers publicly breastfeeding their little ones.

    UK breastfeeding statistics:

    • A study last year found that the UK have the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world with only 1 in 200 mothers breastfeeding after their child’s 1st birthday (I’m definitely going to be that 1 this year lol)
    • A PHE survey found that women were not only embarrassed about publicly breastfeeding but 59% (partners family) and 49% (wider family members such as siblings)
    • A survey of 500 women by PHE found that mothers breastfeeding fears were 74% (it would be painful) and 71% (it would prevent them taking medication 

    Breastfeeding facts:

    • Public health England recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, because it boosts the babies ability to fight illness and infection
    • The World Health Organisation recommends that breastfeeding should form part of a baby’s diet up to two years
    • Breastfeeding reduces the likelihood of babies getting diarrhoea and respiratory infections
    • Breastfeeding lowers a mothers risk of ovarian cancer and burns up to 500 calories a day

    With all those amazing facts I for one couldn’t imagine not being able to breastfeed my princess, and in the words of Boo.bSmoothie owner #keepmilkingmama

    – Mrs B