Festive period has arrived

Yesterday was our first official start to the festive period and my goodness was I so excited.

We decided to go to the Westfield White City Santas Snowflake Grotto. We went last year however Taliyah was only 5 months so I’m sure she didn’t quite understand what was going on. But this year she’s 17 months (turned yesterday) so I figured she would really enjoy it.

I found out about the event as I am signed up to Westfield kids club, so they send you all events for kids across the shopping malls (goodness saying that was so American). I decided to book it for November because I knew December would be a busy month (we’ve still got two more grottos to go to- yes I know that’s wild but who cares).

First things first if you don’t want to ruin the surprise for yourself don’t read on as I’ll have pictures from inside the grotto.

So we arrived and you get to check in outside the venue, there is a buggy park area as they are not allowed inside. Which is fair and makes sense as it’s limited space.

Once inside the children are greeted with Santa’s helpers and they keep the children entertained with little games and trivia. For younger babies it’s like a giant sensory room; so many lights to get their curiosity going.

Once we land at Santas work shop we meet a few more of his helpers who welcome us to his snow flake factory (it is super warm in there which is great). This time round it was very interactive and the children got to create their on snowflake with their name on it. Which made for a great keepsake and bonus points as it was free.

Once they finish making their snowflake they are free to explore the workshop and get stuck into lots of activities keeping them busy before they meet Santa.

Taliyah got to write a letter to Santa at his special mail room and post it off to him.

Once it was our turn to go in we got to meet Santa in his Grotto and take family pictures with him, we also got given an age appropriate toy as well.

Once you have finished taking pictures with Santa you go through a little maze where it is snowing which was a great experience for Taliyah.

You then get to view your pictures and buy any if you want, we ended up getting a mounted picture then a picture in a bauble which will put on our tree

Tickets for the event were £7 per a person (adult/child) I didn’t think this was too bad for the experience and it was definitely worth it this year round as it was very interactive. Tickets are still available through eventbrite: Santas Snowflake Grotto

I would definitely recommend it for all parents as it’s a wonderful way to get them in the festive spirit, plus you can go for a little shopping trip and lunch day after like we did.

We ended up going to The Real Greek and they had a really good kids menu which included main, drink and dessert and Taliyah was definitely a fan. As were Mummy and Daddy, hope this post got you in the festive spirit.

– Mrs B

Welcome to Ta-chella 

So here’s the long overdue post about my amazing party planning skills with the help of some great vendors. A lot of people know that I am super creative and love a DIY so I made sure that Taliyahs 1st Birthday was nothing short of original, fun and creative.

Planning began with the theme and I decided to steer clear of the same ol princess or Disney theme. I wanted her party to be fresh, fun and something that she would love when she looks back at photos. 

Boho x Coachella = Ta-Chella… why? Because Taliyah has such a love for music and I love floral print but didn’t want to over do it so boho chic was perfect adding the rustic feel. This also tied in with her cake smash session.


Food: Now my worst nightmare is when you go to a party and the food quality is just not up to scratch! You’ve saved your stomach all day and all that’s there is a popcorn machine, couple of sweets in jars and a hot dog machine. My mother is a caterer so my food expectations are always really high and that goes for kids parties too. So I was excited to have Canapés and Treats Catering for Taliyahs birthday party. They provided us with 3 different set ups all themed and personalised.

Taliyahs Cake TablesHer cake table included two cakes; 1 ‘one’ cake all themed then a two tier naked cake, cake pops, a selection of cupcakes and personalled sugar cookies. They all tasted amazing!

Taliyahs Snack BarA spin on the normal popcorn bar with a choice of your favourite sweet toppings ranging from skittles, to cookies. Personalised jelly shots as well as two flavours of fruit punch.

Dig inThe picture of this spread is enough to have your mouth drooling ranging from; homemade chicken burgers (halal), beef burgers, potato wedges, veggie balls, popcorn chicken but to name a few. The list has made me hungry whilst typing and the menu went down a treat with all our guests young and old.A twist on your basic sweet tables Canapés and Treats provide both sweet and savoury tables. Hot and cold savoury canapés and bespoke desserts with a personalised touch. Complete with decor to compliment your party theme as well as a range of afforable packages.

Entertainment: Now I’ve been to a number of kids parties and I find that they always have the same idea; mascot, pass the parcel, music statues and bouncy castle etc. I find that the younger kids never get to fully enjoy the entertainment as they don’t understand. For Taliyahs party we had 4 elements of entertainment.

Flash tatts and Crown stationsBecause no festival especially Coachella is complete without the perfect look. Flash tatts were being done for both the kids and adults upon arrival. Also upon arrival the guests were given flower crowns for the girls and feather crowns for the boys (made by myself) all tied in to the boho x Coachella theme. I bought all the little bits to make the crowns from AliExpress, great price but always remember to give at least 6 weeks for orders to arrive in time.

Bubble performanceThis had me excited and turned me into a big kid, I love bubbles and so do all kids of all ages so it was the perfect source of entertainment. The bubble performer was by a company called: JoJoFun who house so many other sources of party entertainment.

Bouncy Castle and Soft PlayAs Taliyah was only turning one and a lot of her friends would be in that age bracket I thought hiring a soft play area would be perfect for them to also enjoy so active fun. Then always throw in a bouncy castle for the older kids to jump the day away. Both these services were provided by LetsPartyKids. They were amazing when I had questions about the services and on the day kept in contact with me right till they delivered. Not to mention their pricing is the best I’ve seen anywhere! 

Capturing the moment: Nothing worst than putting on a great event and you battery on your phone dies or the place gets messy so there’s nowhere nice to take pictures by. I hired an amazing photographer who captured all the amazing moments GeorgeDickson Photograhy. So because of this I thought I wanted to have a spin on the normal photo booth or instagram cut out. I’m all about a lovely back drop so I created this giant flower dream catcher like wreath (keeping in boho theme). 

Outfit: Now no birthday party is complete without the perfect outfit and I am so happy that all our guests really stuck to the dress code theme which made the day even more special. As you know by now I love matching with my daughter and wanted her birthday outfit to be one of a kind; and thats exactly what it was!Her bespoke bardot Ankara print top and denim pom pom bloomers were made by LFN Accessories (@lfnaccessories). I showed her a picture of my outfit and told her the theme and she created the perfect complimentary outfit.

Thanks for coming: Who doesn’t love a cheeky party bag to show your attendance at a party. In the spirit of keeping in the theme I got in contact with The Gift Bag Company (who previously did an amazing job on my baby shower favours) Yet again they hit the nail on the head with these amazing theme party bags and the contents inside were nothing short of perfect.

All vendors for Taliyahs birthday party was amazing and I would definitely recommend them for all parties big or small.

Event coordinator: NailahLoveEvents @nailahloveevents

Food: Canapés and Treats @canapesandtreats

Bubble performer: JoJoFun @jojofunparties

Soft play and Bouncy Castle: Lets Party Kids @letspartykidsuk

Gift bags: The Gift Bag Company @thegiftbagcompany

Photography: @georgedicksonphotography

Thank you to all of Taliyahs aunties and uncles for helping make her birthday party amazing and thank you to all her amazing guests for coming and the lovely gifts

– Mrs B

Farming around with first mates

Hiya readers, I have been mia for just over a month as a lot of you may know I was super busy with Taliyahs baptism, 1st birthday planning (will do a blog about all of that) and my traditional wedding.

Now the dust has settled and we are back to our scheduled programming I am back to my weekly posts. So will be starting it off with a bang!

Today we attended the Snufflebabe UK First Mates event! It took place at The Vauxhall City Farm, London.

About the brand

Snufflebabe is the UKs number 1 baby nasal decongestant range. The brand provides five effective solutions to help your little one breathe, feed and sleep in comfort.

  • Vapour rub – suitable from 3 months
  • Nasal aspirator – suitable from birth
  • Nasal drops – suitable from birth 
  • Nasal spray – suitable from birth
  • Vapour oil – suitable from birth as a room vapour

The event was free and we had to just secure our attendance by getting a ticket online via eventbrite (on this occasion a friend of mine got the tickets for us). There were two hour time slots for the mums to meet and chat etc and for the children to play.

There was a play area for the children to interact with each other and play. Which is always great for us mums! Allowing our children to be free and have independent play.

The event was in honour of #nationalbestfriendday approaching soon and the idea that mums need the opportunity to get out and meet up, babies/children making new friends and how important it is to create those relationships. We were able to chat over cups of tea/coffee and were treated to yummy cakes.

After the actual event we were given a lovely goody bag which had a nice selection of products:The goody bag included; 

  • Nasal aspirator – Safe – paediatrician approved and available on prescription. Clean & hygienic – special filter ensures you can never ‘suck back’ any gunk. Comfortable – you never have to put the nozzle directly into your baby’s nose, just near their nostrils
  • Nasal drops – Sterile, safe, saline drop. Softens and washes away pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria and mucus
  • Squeezy toy for little one 
  • Information leaflet about the ins and outs of nasal congestion products

We were then free to go around the farm and enjoy seeing the animals. This was our first time going to the Vauxhall City Farm and I was pleasantly surprised that there was a Farm so close to our door step. The farm itself is free for visitors to attend and they have various activities for you to do if you have a planned visit.

This was TTs first time seeing animals in the flesh. She was super curious and kept stretching her arm out to pet them (obviously my OCD didn’t let her touch them, when she’s older she can). It was just enough of an experience to just look especially as I am trying to teach her about animals. 

She had such an amazing time at the farm as you can see #thatsmybestfriend #gobestfriend 

– Mrs B

Social media whore

Nowadays everything gets liked, tagged, retweeted and snapped but to name a few it’s hard to keep intimate parts of your life private and personal.

I know there are a huge handful of people thinking ‘omg she puts pictures and videos of her daughter on social media too much’ well for those people close your eyes! When I was pregnant I kept it very private, not because I looked hideous or I was hiding from the world. I actually looked super cute pregnant.

Me and my fiancé decided that it was our first child together so we wanted to keep the intimate moments between us so we could enjoy them privately. Which is never a bad thing! Probably my next child I may be more out there with the pregnancy journey who knows.

So once my princess was born I was a bit apprehensive about putting her on social media. I’m really not about that post a picture with her head missing and people saying ‘awwwh she’s cute’ – you lied, you can only see legs and arms. I’d rather post nothing, a cute hand/foot picture till I feel comfortable. 

Now there are a few pros and cons of using social media, but as I’m in a very positive space in life I always focus on the positive. In the last week social media has opened a few interesting opportunities for myself which I was very excited about.

Last Wednesday I got the opportunity to do a pilot filming for ‘The Sun’ social media channel. The pilot series will be focussing on a duo giving tips, advice, trading funny stories about motherhood. Once the video is out will definitely be posting links so you can see me behind the big screen.Thank you to my blogger yummy mummy friend Katrina who involved me in this opportunity (click her name to check out her amazing blog also).

Last week there was a viral hashtag going around on twitter: #WeMetOnTwitter. Now if any of you have been following my blog from the start (if you haven’t feel free to read back) you will know I met my fiancé on twitter way back in 2014. So I thought it would be very fitting (wow I sound very up myself lol -fitting you know) to join in. Now from that post getting a few thousand retweets and sooooo many likes and comments it got picked up by the BBC. They were doing a story on successful relationships who met on social media and they loved our story and called us to do a mini interview. It was a great experience and I loved the fact we got to be open and honest about our love story and I hope it inspires others to not doubt finding love online. I mean there is a huge stigma to it but if you go about it the right way chances are you too will have a happily ever after. Listen to our mini interview here (45 min mark onwards).

Yesterday I got another opportunity through social media (via. The motherhood group). This was to take part in a drinks campaign, I got through the phone interview stage and then had the opportunity to go to the studio to do a face to face audition. The campaign was looking for mothers to share stories and experiences about their motherhood journey for the company shoot media.I attended the casting with Taliyah and teamed up with Katrina and her beautiful daughter Lauren. It was an amazing experience for both of us being able to talk about motherhood with complete strangers with the comfort of having our daughters there.

It has been a crazy busy week but nonetheless all very fun and having so many opportunities which were based through social media is a huge blessing. So I cannot complain when people call me a social media whore because it’s had its huge pros and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I love using social media and clearly Taliyah loves using snapchat

What are thoughts on having children using social media? Do you feel that your children are too exposed? Do you feel that parents shouldn’t expose their young ones to social media channels?

– Mrs B

Oct 28

Todays post is based on life before baby t, about myself and my amazing fiance and how we met etc.

Firstly we have to rewind to march 2014 so it wasn’t too long ago which gives you an inclining in how long we have actually been together. So march 2014 I posted a picture as one does on social media (twitter) and it gets retweeted a few times and then a guy (MB) appears in my mentions. Now if you follow me on my other social media platforms I literally interact with every (being very free spirited and all that lark). So a guy who’s display picture was barely visible commented on the picture and said ‘you’re stunning or beautiful’ (something along them lines). I responded ‘fanks’ and we began to exchange conversation which led to him asking my ring size (yes he was asking my ring size) I swiftly responded ‘6.5’ and he said how he had noted it down. I found it very cute but funny at the same time.

So fast forward about few weeks we exchanged a few tweets here and there, MB would compliment me every single time, but not in a corny way which was refreshing. So on April 9th MB decided to slide in my DMs lol. We exchanged social media handles (snapchat) then on Easter Sunday we spoke the whole day.

I was sat in bed all day wondering when is this guy going to ask for my number. In true Gemini style I just asked for his and the rest is history. Well history in the making!
January 3rd 2015 we became official boyfriend and girlfriend.

October 2nd 2015 we found out we were expecting a bundle of joy.

June 3rd 2016 we were officially engaged.

June 25th 2016 we were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl.

 It has been an amazing journey so far and words can’t describe how blessed and thankful I am to have my fiancé as my best friend first and foremost, everything else is an extra.

How we plan on keeping our honeymoon period

Well our first few ‘dates’ were super casual, we would meet up at coffee shops and just chill and enjoy each other’s company. We then decided that forever we would have a date night every month. Proper get dressed up and wine and dine each other. No matter how busy we are or tired etc, and we have kept up with it. It sounds very simple but it is very important as a couple to enjoy each other (pause).

How we deal with different opinions 

By different opinions I mean a cheeky mare every now and again, who doesn’t have them; especially when you love each other there is bound to be super high tension and hostility. Now I’m the talkative type, the type that doesn’t rest till I’ve said everything. My fiancé is the total opposite hates the back and forth and the repetitiveness that us females always seem to give. So we meet in the middle, I air my issue he listens, we discuss the changes and move on. Literally no point dragging out an issue that was probably a misunderstanding.


Well living together is the best because I’ve always got someone to cuddle up to (yes I’m super soppy). But with two people and a new baby in the house the house work doesn’t double but it quadruples, good thing my mom taught me all the domestic trades. 

I must say I am very hands on and have severe OCD so I like things done in a particular way and cannot stand the built up of mess, legit makes me itch. We all know most guys are quite laid back and relaxed and have a ‘I’ll do it later’ way of thinking. So now I’m a bit more relaxed so we both do our bit in the house. MB always goes the extra mile because he knows how tired I get exclusively breastfeeding (in the words of blac chyna, get yourself an MB lol).
Hope you enjoyed a small look into my whirlwind happily ever after and it’s just the beginning.

– Mrs B

Taliyahs Closet

Taliyahs Winter Haul

Now anyone that knows me personally knows my love for clothes and fashion, I’m definitely a self proclaimed stylist. Owning a modelling agency I’m very hands on and style my models for lots their shoots. So it was to my delight when I found out we were having a baby girl; lots more styling for me to do. Thankfully Taliyah is such a little madame and enjoys dressing up and taking pictures; if you haven’t realised by now.(Pinafore and Collared shirt: Jacadi)

I must say I’m a clothes addict and I enjoy putting outfits together so here are a few of Taliyahs winter pieces along with their details.

CluelessThe ultimate preppy back to school look that was the styling of popular 90s movie Clueless. I love that movie so much and really love the plaid era.Outfit details: Sweater and Skirt set: Next – Collared bodysuit: Next – Tights: H&M – Shoes: Mothercare

Navy BluesSo usually blue is for boys and pink is for girls, but I love to go against the grain. Pairing a denim dress with denim booties and a collared bodysuit is definitely a go to everyday look

Outfit details: Dress: Next – Collared bodysuit: Next – Tights: H&M

Floral fantasyNow who doesn’t love a floral print in the winter weather, but double floral takes it to a whole other level. Mixing plain floral and bold print floral is definitely a wardrobe must have and brings out the girly aspect to the dark boyish colours. Throw on a knitted sweater with a knitted hat to complete the look.

Outfit details

Shirt: Zara – Trousers: Zara – Knitted sweater: Zara – Hat: Gucci

Knitted ribsRibbed on trend this; I have over 10 ribbed dresses so when I stumbled across these leggings I knew it was a must have wardrobe piece for my princess. Knitted pieces are always essential for this London winter weather and the rose and beige colours are very subtle to pair with neutral colours.

Outfit details: Leggings: Zara

Winter warmerBrowns and Beiges always remind me of a yummy cup of chai latte which is my favourite winter warmer. I nice cream print sweater coupled with brown knitted joggers and pair of beige tasseled mocks.

Outfit details: Joggers: Zara – Sweater: Zara – Mocks: Moccstars

Silhouette This final piece is a special handmade legging, headband and dummy clip set. Taliyah won this in an online instagram competition and was super excited. The pastel pink hues is hidden a mesh then overplayed with grey cotton. A cute matching set to dress up or for casual days.

Outfit details: Set: Babyhautecouture

Hope you enjoyed walking into Taliyahs winter wardrobe as much as we love the outfits

– Mrs B

Dec 12

It’s been almost 10 days since my last blog post and that doesn’t seem so long ago but in that short space of time we have hit some milestones (lets off balloons and party poppers).

Taliyah is an official Olympic roller and can go from back to front and front to back with zero assistance at her own leisure. She is such a confident roller which makes me so happy, but with that new found confidence means extra precautions for me and her daddy. Lots of pillows if she on the bed as she has the tendency to roll from one end to the other. With this new found skill she has also learnt how to get into crawling position from sitting upright as well as lunging out of you hand to reach for stuff (future javelin thrower perhaps). I must say I am enjoying her new found skills just as much as she is because it makes playtime soooo much more enjoyable for the both of us. 

She has also reached another milestone of sitting up pretty much unaided which is what I’ve been waiting for as it is one of the weaning ready signs. As she is such a busy body we still support her with cushions as well as her sitting in her interactive donut ring. She’s also loving this new skill because she feels a lot independent and is detesting laying down unless she is sleeping. She’s also learning to get up from laying down using her elbows. It’s so amazing to watch her reach these milestones and master all her  new skills. It’s also funny when she tries to do something and is struggling she actually throws a little tantrum; I strangly find her tantrums cute​.

Amongst these new found milestones we managed to squeeze in some weekend family events. A traditional Nigerian (Muslim) and Sierre Leon engagement which was a beautiful ceremony and was of a new yummy mummy. Taliyah had to dress perfectly for the occasion in her emerald green dress; staying true to the theme.

We also decided to keep in the festive spirit and attend the yearly Hyde park event; Winter Wonderland. In preparation for braving the London winter weather I decided that it was best to bring out all parts of her Bugaboo bee3 pram/pushchair. This included the seat unit, the universal footmuff and the canopy. I did a few practice runs in the house and out at the doctors surgery and Taliyah loved it. 

This is the first time T has been out in the cold for such a long period of time and we had to make sure that she was weather appropriate.I dressed her in this beautiful grey knitted romper from Bootsminiclub she was warm, cute and cosy.

All in all it was a nice night out with close friends and family, cold but well worth it. Lots of yummy food (diet was definitely out the window).

Tis the season to be jolly

– Mrs B

Dec 3

So it’s finally the festive period and if anyone knows me they will know that I’m literally a walking Mrs Clause. I get so excited about every little thing christmasy. This year will be the best one so far as it our first Christmas as our little family and ironically Taliyah turns 6 months on Christmas Day!

I can’t even believe how quickly the year has gone and how blessed this year has been for me. So to get in the festive mood I thought it would be great to get personalised Christmas tree ornaments.Taliyah is such a beautiful, unique name that it doesn’t come in the name section but luckily the store had an option which was blank that we can personalise. The ornaments were from Toys r Us and they cost about £2-4 they also have a range of personalised stockings and baubles.

Today being Dec 3rd also marks 6 months since we got engaged as well as it being our monthly anniversary. Yes we celebrate our anniversary monthly and we spent our anniversay taking baby T to see santa for the first time. We went to DreamPlace in Westfield White City. After a week of Taliyah recovering from a cough (my poor baby), plenty of nasal drops, nasal suckers she was so excited to be out of the house. The staff were nice enough to let us sit inside whilst we waited as it was too cold to be queuing. It was a fun experience and the “rocket ride” to see Santa was bright, bold and big which is what awakened all of Ts senses, she enjoyed it and meeting Santa was the icing on the cake. Not the usual baby that cries she was happy and very attentive. We got to take family photos with and we got to chose how we had them displayed. 

As we got personalised Christmas tree ornaments nothing was more perfect than the picture in the bauble to complete our tree.

As it was Saturday and we were in a shopping centre a few purchases were definitely in order. 

I find that when I go out now I end up looking for stuff for Taliyah I mean babies clothes are super cute how can you not. Weather appropriate we found this cute Liberty Print Chapka hat from Jacadi. It’s lined with faux fur to keep bubs head nice and warm. I love the ear flaps to keep her tiny ears nice and cosy.

I treated myself to a makeup must have from Mac, the Fix + prep and prime skin refresher/finishing mist.It’s definitely my go to product and I love how it just keeps my face fresh and keep my makeup in place. I’ve ordered so many makeup goodies and I cannot wait for them to arrive so I can put my mini artistic skills to work.

All in all the day was amazing spending it with my two favourite people, couldn’t have a better anniversary/monthly date.

– Mrs B

Nov 26

So we have had a busy weekend last weekend which we spent at the first Baby to Toddler show in Excel London. During my pregnancy we attended the Mother & Baby show which was amazing for so many items I needed in preparation for baby T.

I managed to secure free complimentary tickets to the shopping event which was even better. We attended both days getting there very late on the first day and in great time the second. Tickets usually cost between £6-8 and you receive at least one freebie by the sponsor. On this occasion it was a free MAM self sterilising bottle which I love.

Taliyah was super excited to be going out and dressed up styled in her brown moccasins from Totsi & Bo.
We were super excited about having a fun filled family day out and nothing beats shopping for our princess, and we sure did pick up some good buys for her.

Baby T is currently teething (not experiencing too much pain but just the need to sooth her gums) she puts everything in her mouth and enjoys a good chomp. We stumbled across this stall that was selling teething jewellery called Nibbling. They provide stylish silicone teething necklaces, bracelets, dummy clips and teethers. This was perfect for T as she loves to chew every part around the actual teether, so having a dummy clip that she could chew was perfect. There are so many design and style options so we were spoilt for choice. She loves her new teether and it’s her new favourite chewie.

We then stocked up on a few Christmas stocking fillers for her in the form of some age 4+ and 6+ months items from MAM.

What was even better was MAM was doing 3 for £10. We picked up a starter cup with handles as she loves grabbing things. Once we start weaning her and giving her small sips of water she can enjoy this. A pack of soothers (she’s not a dummy user but for car journeys when they get unbearable they soothe and comfort her). Lastly for our trio we got her a phase 2 bite and relax. We have the phase 1 bite and relax which is for her front teeth, so why not pick up the second phase for her back teeth.

Here are a few other items we picked up from the show:

Booties from a cute boutique called Mamou. If you’ve not figured out now both Taliyahs parents love shoes especially unique styles so these were perfect, fur lined and soft breatheable leather. Mamou products are individually crafted by hand, using soft and durable natural materials. Not to mention the cute packaging and they were at a discounted price under £20 so definitely a bargain.

We also picked up this product from Cuddlemates, it is a pillow friend for babies that start to roll and toddlers/kids.

As Taliyah is now an expert roller and is co-sleeping she loves the big space and rolling from momma to daddy during the night. She is also starting to sleep on her side more often by herself so this pillow was perfect. It mimics the comfort of your parent being there with the length and is soft and squishy for lots of cuddles. 

“Cuddle Mates encourage kids to sleep independently. Their size and shape allows little kids to snuggle into them for a better night’s sleep”

T loves cuddling her Tilly the tiger and we also use it to safeguard her from rolling too close to the edge as well as another aid for tummy time.

Now my personal favourite buy from the Baby to Toddler show was Ts weaning blender. I have researching the best blender to get for her once she starts her journey into solids and stumbled across a brand called Beaba. It is originally a French brand but have distributors across Europe and USA. They have amazing 4 in 1 blenders which not only blends, but steams, reheats and defrosts. We ordered it from the Peppermint stand (who were the main sponsors of the event) and we even managed to grab a 20% off the RRP. The baby cooks come in 5 different colour ways which is great to match any colour theme you have. Once it arrives I can give more details about how it works etc but from the reviews I have read online I cannot fault it and I am super excited.

The Baby to Toddler show was an amazing shopping experience, the facilities were amazing. They had the MAM feeding area were they provided rocking chairs and private nursing areas for breastfeeding mommas then in the open space they had high chairs for the little ones. As well as providing food for the baby’s which was sponsored by Babease. Who provide a range of organic baby food full vegetables, seeds, grain and pulse. There was also the baby changing area who provided nappies and wipes alongside the stokke changing tables and tommie tippee sanogenic bins. It was nice to see not only mothers but fathers getting stuck in.

We got to take cute family pictures which were provided by Bumpkins and we got to keep them. We also got to secure a heavily discounted photography session which we are excited about.

Our day ended with us all shopped out and nothing beats a warm hot chocolate (for dad) and my all time fav Chai latte to end the day

I would definitely recommend these events to expectant mothers as well as new mothers as they have so many products and all are at great prices.

– Mrs B

Nov 12

Mommy and Mini

What’s even more great about having a daughter for me is that I get to dress her up in mini outfits. I’m all for matching but a lot of girls clothing is pink, pink and more pink. I do love me some pink but what I love even more is neutrals and that’s perfect for this A/W season. 

This cute little number is a mixed purchase from two of my favourite stores for babies clothes. The dress, gilet and tights comes as a set and is from Next. I loved it instantly as the colours were so far from pink and so close to neutrals with the burnt orange floral print. The gilet is my favourite part of the outfit as it’s faux fur and I love faux fur plus it’s always a nice winter warmer. To compliment the outfit I found these beautiful rose gold Minnie Mouse bow moccasins from HM. Now this store is actually my favourite when it comes to my little girls wardrobe, their pricing is amazing and they always have nice sets. I chose rose gold as it adds a bit of glam to the whole outfit.

Now I’m laying in bed supposed to be taking a nap before I go out. Hubby has baby t in the living room having some daddy and daughter time as he’s been busy working all week. I started to think about the cute little outfits I used to wear post mom. At first I found it difficult dressing as a breastfeeding mom as I needed to ensure Taliyah had quick access to her liquid gold. I invested in ugly nursing tops (let’s be honest the layering does nothing for ones womanly curves and looks like a tent). I mean I was accustom to wearing two pieces, fitted midi dresses, cute crop tops, high neck tops. Basically everything that wouldn’t be practical as a mom; well that’s a lie.

Also I hate going into stores and looking for clothes, being a mom on maternity leave online shopping is your new work colleague. What I love about online shopping is the next day options, I love an item today it arrives tomorrow. Now BC baby t I shopped online on Missguided, Prettylittlethings and Asos (I ain’t started trusting these instagram online boutiques just yet). 

So I was a little bit worried that my usual size 6/8 outfits wouldn’t look so good on my now size 10 body (just for info I was very small chested before bubs and with these milk jugs nothing size 6 goes over my boobs, also my hips were always wide but they are even wider now – not that hubby is complaining). Obviously it’s not practical to wear high neck tops at the moment as it’s very restrictive for Taliyah when she wants to just free the liquid gold. I find myself wearing v neck and low cut tops which I would never dare wear before as I had small boobs but now the girls are just there.

So this outfit matches my daughters nicely but subtly. The burnt rose long sleeve ribbed midi dress from Missguided is gorgeous. I love the neckline and the fact that it has buttons all the way down to the bottom so I can just easily unbutton the top and nurse easily. The net black choker is from ASOS and was dirt cheap, I cannot really wear necklaces anymore as T pulls on them; but chokers are perfect as they are high on the neck and are a cute dainty accessory.

The shoes are very sportslux as they can be worn with jeans/jeans or with a dress/skirtNow these are perfect for every mom on the go, they are comfy, warm (London weather appropriate) and give some height as they are a creepy flatform. Now these minimalist beauties were purchased from Asia and even better they were in the sale. I used to love wearing heeled ankle boots, but I recently injured my ankle and have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists so I need all the balance I can get when holding my precious jewel.

Little disclaimer I ain’t a fashion blogger or trying to be but I do love shopping and putting cute outfits together for me and my little one. So I’ll probably post a few more blogs regarding our mommy and me outfit matches.

-Mrs B